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Salsa Foundations - 6 week Series
This Latin Dance class will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident on the dance floor!  You'll learn the basic steps of LA Style Salsa (on1) as well as the basic individual turns. We will then move on to creative and fun partner work and individual footwork. You'll learn all the specifics that will make you look great and have you dancing with anyone on the floor! After taking this class, you'll be eligible to join the Rock City Elite Foundations Team to showcase what you've been learning!

Bachata Foundations - 6 week Series
Learn the fundamentals of this sensual, fun latin dance. We will cover the basic patterns and footwork and then delve into the various styles of bachata. By the end of the series, you'll feel confident enough to dance with anyone! After taking this class, you'll be eligible to join the Rock City Elite Foundations Team to showcase what you've been learning!

Salsa and Bachata Musicality - Timing, Patterns, and Footwork
I'm very excited to offer this class! This is an intermediate level class that will teach you how to dance TO the music. You'll learn how to listen to songs and match your footwork and patterns to them whether you are leading or following. We will explore both salsa and bachata in this class!

Ladies Styling Sunday Workshop
If you want to look beautiful, confident, sensual, AND stylish while you're dancing, you need to take this class ;). We will also cover proper following technique so as not to continue encouraging our leads to develop bad leading habits.  
2 hrs of styling and body movement with yours truly, Leah. 
1st hour: learning how to move your body with the music (body movement and ladies shines)
2nd hour: learning how to style while dancing with your partner

Latin Jazz/Funk Class
Think Beyonce meets Celia Cruz. We will learn a new mini-routine each week incorporating jazz, modern, and salsa moves to popular top 40 and salsa music. There will be performance opportunities!

Ready to sign up for classes? Go here to see the current schedule and prices!



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