Goddess Lifestyle Coaching: Welcome to Leah's Guide to a Vibrant and Fulfilled Life!

Imagine, a life where getting up in the morning feels good. Where you are filled with joy just because. 

You wake up refreshed. You go to your kitchen and quickly pull together a nourishing blend of herbs for your morning tea. You feel in sync and at peace as you enjoy it's warmth and therapy.  

You step to the bathroom and use your current all-natural nourishing blend of face and body care products that YOU'VE created from your own growing knowledge of how to care for your body the best way. 

Imagine how empowered and capable you feel. Imagine how more prepared you are to have the day that you want to have.

Now think about what the beginning of your day actually feels like?


Probably pretty different right?

My name is Leah Patterson and I want to help you have more days like the one described above and less days that feel hectic, out of sync, and leave you feeling helpless about your health inside and out.

When you feel hectic, out of sync, and helpless - you feel lost in life.

You feel like you aren't in control and that you can't make changes, no matter how hard you may want to.

I know what that feels like and thanks to years of self-examination and self-discovery, I know what a life "in sync" feels like too. And it's not just about the things you think. Yes, a lot of thought work helped to change my path, but what really made the mental changes stick were the hands on/body in experiences that came along with it.

Empowering myself in 3 key areas of my life made the ideas of a new way to exist real.




I turned to herbs as a form of healing while doing research at the National Institutes of Health in ovarian cancer treatment. As a young scientist, I had a healthy bit of naivety and when I realized how barbaric and harmful traditional cancer treatments could be, my intuition told me that there had to be another way. My chemistry-focused mind could understand the how herbs worked and so I naturally gravitated to that form of natural healing first.  As soon as I  began learning about herbs, I fell in love. The natural world opened up to me and my appreciation for the beautiful synergy of our planet blossomed. I studied voraciously, did an apprenticeship in herbal medicine in the Wise Woman Tradition and became an initiated Green Witch - a woman specifically tuned to the healing natures of plant life - particularly the plant life that we generally ignore like common weeds. 


My love for holistic/natural skincare grew out of my appreciation for herbal healing. I knew through my studies that herbs had a wonderful power to heal in subtle yet formidable ways. My own skin had always been an issue - super sensitive, acne-prone, overly oily. However I began to realize two things: 1. that as I began to use herbal teas and such in my everyday life, my skin began to change - basically from the inside out and 2. that there was a whole range of other, easily found natural ingredients that could help my skin heal from the outside in as well. Finally being able to look at the mirror and like how clear and even my skin looked made a difference for me and I obtained my license in esthetics to be able to give that same feeling of validation to others.


Salsa dancing opened my life up to a whole new world of expression. My body that once felt awkward, felt fluid and magical with salsa. Feelings, emotions, and versions of myself that had no way to be expressed in my regular life finally found a voice. Before salsa dancing, femininity in the traditional sense even felt uncomfortable for me. With salsa though, I found the permission within myself to be sexy, to be sensual, to be mystical and to be captivating as a woman.

Each of these things filled me with a sense of empowerment. It was through them that I realized the power that I had to be in control of my life. It's so easy to think about the changes and the differences that you'd like to see in your life. But it's only by DOING something different that you actually see the changes begin to happen. 

My doing is through herbal healing, holistic skincare, and dancing. I want to show you how to take control of your health, how to be the orchestra-tor of your beauty, and how to free yourself with movement!

I want to guide to your VIBRANT and FULFILLED LIFE. If you are ready to start the journey, let's hop on the phone and talk about the next steps! Take a look at my calendar and schedule a time for us to chat!

It's out there for you love! You just have to choose to live it - actively, on purpose, everyday. 

And I'm here to help!

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The official stuff...Check out my bio below: 
Leah Patterson is a woman of many hats: makeup artist, holistic esthetician, professional salsa dancer, and host of Soul of the South’s Great Gospel Morning, but that doesn’t stop her from looking forward to new challenges daily!
She began her professional life as an engineer, graduating from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.  She then worked as an engineer for 3 years, conducting research at the National Institute’s of Health’s Cancer Institute and overseeing validation protocols at Merck and Co. After this, her interest in holistic medicine and community building lead her to establish the non-profit organization Soulistic Sanctuary. 
Through Soulistic Sanctuary, she taught wellness, herbal medicine, and natural product-making classes to various groups around Chicago and created programs to introduce these principles to economically disadvantaged communities.  She started a for-profit company Soul Revival at this time as well, and eventually began Etniq Mineral Cosmetics in March 2007 to provide women of all colors non-toxic cosmetics with lasting power and versatility. 
In December 2014, she founded MOVE Makeup, a natural, sweatproof makeup line for active women. Leah is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist that strives to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty.
Leah Patterson has also been dancing salsa professionally for over 11 years. In that time, she has become internationally recognized for her smooth and sensual styling and dynamic stage presence. She’s performed and taught all across the world. As a principal dancer of the well known dance company Descarga Caribe for many years, she shared her charisma and love for dancing with salsa enthusiasts in China, England, Spain, Italy, Canada, California, Washington DC, Texas, Chicago and countless other places. 

Her style of dance has often been described as sophisticated, sharp, precise, imaginative, and even spiritual. One of her last performances with Descarga Caribe included the 2006 ESPN Salsa World Championships in which she helped place the team within the top 10 of the world. 
Leah has been privileged to choreograph and perform with many amazing dancers including Sekou McMiller (Chicago/NYC), Darlin Garcia (Philadelphia), Del Dominguez (Chicago), Will Pagan (North Carolina), Betto Herrera (North Carolina), and most recently Amanda Cardona (Austin/New York). She also began North Carolina’s first all female dance team, Femme Finesse and expanded that team to include two additional chapters in South Africa and Arkansas. Currently she teaches in Little Rock, AR and is the founder of Leah’s School of Latin Dance.  Through LSLD Leah directs the amateur couples' performance team Rock City Elite and the all-female student team Las Toiticas. Dance is her greatest passion and she thoroughly enjoys spreading this love through continuing to teach and perform wherever it takes her.