Transformative, Inspirational Support for Women Who Choose to Thrive!


Transformative, Inspirational Support for Women Who Choose to Thrive!


Let me guide you!


Is this you?:

There was a time when it was a struggle to get through the entire day. You didn't see much hope for yourself and almost anything could trigger you into a spiral of self loathing and despair. If onlys and yeah buts ruled your thoughts and you were convinced that you didn't deserve the happiness that everyone around you seemed to have. You were convinced that for some reason, you were meant to be left out. 

But along your journey, you have made some serious strides. You aren't as stuck and you don't feel as hopeless, at least not the majority of the time. You've begun to see that maybe there is hope. Maybe you aren't so doomed. Maybe it's possible to lift the curse. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all. 

But it's tough. And some days are worse than others. Some days you just want to to give up fighting the good fight to feel better and stay feeling better. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle. 


I have lived this inner struggle. I have been at the lowest points, have pulled myself up to higher places, and then tumbled down again and landed somewhere in the middle. I know exactly what it's like to be trying so hard to "get it together" and feeling like you aren't making any progress despite all of your efforts. 

I know it can be frustrating and depressing. 

And that is why I am showing up for you. 

I can show you how to continue to LOVE YOURSELF THROUGH the DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, and SELF DOUBT to get to other side and THRIVE.

I want you to thrive like I know you can. You've made the hardest choice - you have acknowledged that there is a different, more satisfying and pleasing version of life out there for you. You have acknowledged that feeling better and staying in that space is a choice that you can make. You've taken the first steps. And now I want to support you in taking the next ones.

Goddess Lifestyle Coaching

I call what I do, Goddess Lifestyle Coaching! Through Goddess Lifestyle Coaching, I can help you

  • initiate your journey into thriving 
  • remember why YOU matter and why the ups and downs of the journey are worth it
  • access the Goddess within you (your Inner Goddess) and allow her to shine through in every aspect of your life!

Because of my own journey, I know that engaging in random acts of self care isn't enough. RADICAL acts of self care done with INTENTION and FOCUS are what become the proof to yourself that you matter. The practice of self care becomes an ACTIVE practice of self love.

In Goddess Lifestyle Coaching, we approach your journey to thriving in 3 ways - through movement and dance, through herbal healing and wisewoman ways, and through holistic beauty and natural skincare - all with the intent to empower you, change you, and fortify you! 


My Story

I struggled through debilitating clinical depression for as long as I can remember. From early childhood, I grappled with feeling unlovable, unlucky, and inadequate. I dealt with this mostly silently through my teens. In my first year of college, I realized that maybe there was a different way to look at life and that is when my journey to recover began. From college into early adulthood, I always felt like if I could just “figure it out” and “get it together” like so many suggested, I would be alright. I would feel better and everything would change.

Finally, in 2009 the pressure and hopelessness became too much and I attempted suicide because of it. I’d truly hit my rock bottom and the only way to go from there was up.

Through work and on purpose effort, I learned the techniques that brought me out of that dark and hopeless place. I learned how to free myself from the grips of old programming. And the way there was surprising. It wasn't just all about changing my thought patterns and my perspectives. It was so much more. It wasn't just about loving myself more in an elusive, abstract way.

Tangible, physical practices and techniques helped me make the switches I needed and wanted to make. When I began doing specific things that made me feel better on one level, it amazed me to see how it carried over into the rest of my life. I started to see the connections and realize just how intertwined it all was. 

And that's why I'm here. I'm here to show you that it’s so very possible to turn it around and feel whole. It takes work, but it’s work you can do and it’s work that you might even enjoy doing.

I’m here to shine the light and lead the way...


Life in Pictures

Because pictures tell the best stories...

Life in Pictures

Because pictures tell the best stories...

I love taking pictures and for that reason I instantly fell in love with Instagram! It's a great way to know someone's story - to take a glimpse into their lives and see what's important to them. And so I present to you, my Instagram feed. Get to know me, one picture at a time :-).

My life via Instagram - follow me!


Connect with Me

Let's be awesome together!

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Connect with Me

Let's be awesome together!

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