Beautifully Bold Makeover Program

You’ve been struggling with feeling beautiful and worthy. You don’t know what to wear, how to style your hair, which makeup to choose and how to change your appearance so that you like looking at yourself in general. You feel like you inner light is dim or worse yet all the way out. Looking in the mirror is painful yet somewhere within you, you know that change is possible. You are so ready for that change.


The BEAUTIFULLY BOLD Makeover Program is where you start! I will teach you how to bring out your natural beauty starting with helping you choose the right products, accessories, and styling to enhance YOUR personality, YOUR goals, and your ability to become the woman you want to be.


Fom there, we will dive deep into what’s really going on under the surface and holding you back. We’ll explore what’s really keeping you from feeling your true confident nature all the time. You will learn how to get that feeling that wearing makeup creates and make it stick so that it doesn’t go away when the makeup washes off. You’ll receive your roadmap to being that women who is confident in her own skin and knows that her natural right is to be regarded as beautiful just as she is.


PHASE 1: The BEAUTIFUL Makeover - Enhancing your outer glow

In PHASE 1 of the program, I’ll help you choose the best natural beauty products to bring out your best - matching your hair, eyes, personality, and personal/professional goals. You’ll also receive a customized MOVE Makeup kit with everything from my exclusive line that you need and a detailed, customized report and checklist to take with you when you go shopping for the rest.


PHASE 2: The BOLD Makeover - Emanating your outside beauty from the inside

In PHASE 2 of the program, I’ll conduct a ($200 value) 1-hour Intuitive Psychic Assessment reading to assess where you are. This reading will shine light on things that are working well and will also show you what areas need improvement and what specific opportunities you have to accelerate your growth and make real progress towards becoming the confident, vibrant woman you truly are underneath your doubts and fears.


With this, you’ll also receive these 4 extremely valuable bonuses at no additional cost:



($150 value) 30-minute Make Me Over makeup tutorial specifically 'customized for you' to show you how to enhance your best features and choose the best makeup looks for your face and personality

($200 value) - Full “Creating the WHOLE You” report based on your Intuitive Psychic Assessment reading recapping what we discovered, outlining your next steps and giving you further insight.

($200 value) - Follow Up “Road-mapping” session going over the report, answering any questions that arise and pulling individual cards for further exploration of the themes that came up for you.


($150 value) - In-depth ‘Skin Fitness’ Diet and 7-Day Meal Plan specific to your skincare concerns with a breakdown of which foods to eat and avoid, guidance on how to make lasting changes, and delicious, easy meal ideas that will support your specific skincare goals.  


I commit to giving you all the tools in my holistic beauty and wellness toolboxes to help you jumpstart a radical transformation in your life - but the catch is that you must do the work! I promise you my ongoing support, plenty of encouragement, an experienced sounding board, and the kind of honest feedback that can only come from a committed partner.


If you are ready to finally feel beautiful, worthy, and confident all the time, then schedule your complimentary consultation TODAY! Call me directly at 510.410.6895 or click here to take the first step to change your life.