I am beyond excited to finally be offering the program that has been waiting to be birth for a long time. 

What is the Holistic Beauty and Wellness Mentorship Program?

This is a program where you will learn not just one aspect of living a whole, happy fulfilled life. Instead, you will be taught many aspects of living this version of life. I will give you guidance through it all and what's best, I'll ACTIVELY encourage you to implement it. You'll not only have courses, worksheets, and inspiration, but I'll also be sending you Inspiration Kits when appropriate to help you get started! Each Inspiration Kit will have all the materials you need to create and learn hands on!

So no more excuses. No more putting life-changing activities on the back burner to get to when you 'have more time'. No more saying, oh that looks so cool - one day I'll try to make my own (fill in the blank). With this mentorship, we'll be making the time for you to welcome these things into your life RIGHT NOW. 

What will we cover?

These topics and more will be covered!

  • Natural Skincare Customized by YOU

  • Makeup 101: the Natural Side of Things

  • How to create a Toxin Free Home

  • Herbal Teas for a healthy life

  • BodyCare Products for Wellness and Beauty

  • Essential Oils 101: What to use & When


  1. Save loads of money by making your own natural products (This means having more money for fun, for saving, for whatever you choose!)

  2. Reduce your exposure to toxins in skincare and body care products by making your own (This means less wrinkles, breakouts, and exposure to cancer causing ingredients!)

  3. Create customized skincare and home products specifically for your needs (This Means no more hoping that something will work for  you. You can be 99% sure that it will because you know exactly what's in it!)

  4. Take control over your health and your family's health (This means lowering everyone's exposure to questionable ingredients prevalent in most drugstore skincare products from baby to adult. 

  5. Lower doctor's bills by learning how to care for basic ailments and complaints (This means learning natural remedies that work and are safe and easy to use)

  6. Learn which natural makeup is best for you and exactly how to apply it for different looks (This means learning not only the tricks of makeup transformation but also how to do it without compromising your health with toxin heavy drugstore makeup)

  7. Receive hands on kits with all the materials you need to get started (No more trying to find all the ingredients you need! I'm going to send them all to you!)

  8. Have access to an expert to answer questions and guide you when you get stuck (No more trying to figure out how often you should use something, how long you can keep it before it spoils, and guessing which ingredients are best for your concerns. I will be there to help you at every step!)

  9. Increase your self-esteem from achieving beautiful, flawless skin the natural way (No explanation NECESSARY! You are going to feel great!)

  10. Increase your sense of empowerment from actually creating things yourself that work. (This is just the beginning of realizing all that you are capable of! I'm so happy to be able to facilitate a growing sense of empowerment within you!)

How does it work?

I've created a 12-month program for you!

  • Each month you'll receive a new e-course covering a topic of wellness and holistic beauty.

  • The e-courses consist of 4 weekly instructional videos, handouts and inspiration for each week, and bonus topics and exercises each month. 

  • Along with your e-course, you'll also receive a specially curated Inspiration Kit with the materials you need for the month's projects and little bits of inspiration to keep you motivated.

  • Students will also be able to post question for me in our private forum and receive community support and meet other class members in our private Facebook Group! We'll also have monthly LIVE E-chat parties to share, inspire, and just hang out :). 

enrollment is currently closed.

 if you'd like to be notified when it opens again, enter your email in the box below. Looking forward to working with you!