90 Days to Becoming a Confident Salsera!

Are you afraid to go out dancing even though you love it? Once you get there, do you spend most of the night on the wall wishing someone would ask you to dance? Do you feel super inadequate and unattractive compared to the other female dancers in your scene?

It’s ok! You are not alone in these feelings and I understand.

In working with me, not only will you discover what is holding you back and learn how to overcome those blocks and enjoy expressing everything you are feeling in the music, you will gain an invaluable skillset and develop rock solid confidence that you can apply to any other area of your life you want to change!


The 90 Days to Becoming a Confident Salsera 3-Month Coaching Program will show you exactly what it takes to be confident on and off of the dance floor, including:

  • We will discover what’s stopping you from stepping into your confidence as a dancer and a woman. (Hint: It has nothing to do with your skill level!)

  • How to put your best face forward – literally – with a proven system of effective skincare that will turn your skin around in less than 30 days and why the state of your skin is so important to your confidence level.

  • How to feel comfortable in your body and let your ‘sensual salsa self’ take the lead.


  • ·         2 Confident Salsera phone/skype sessions per month where we evaluate where you are, what you’ve been experiencing, and create a game plan for addressing and learning from it.

  • ·         Two 15-minute “confidence boost” on demand phone coaching sessions for when you are headed to the club and need some rah rah encouragement or advice.

  • ·         An initial one-hour Who are you NOT to be Fabulous? Kick off session that will give you deep insight into the root of why you can’t confidently step on that dance floor and key action steps to start turning it around.

  • ·         A Get Gorgeous (Skin) Assessment Session to determine what’s going on with your skin and create your ‘Skin Fitness’ plan to get it back in shape (give you a detailed and tailored plan so that you feel good looking in the mirror.)

  • ·         Four 45 minute semi-private lessons/month (either live via online or in person) designed to improve and fine tune your dance technique in spinning, styling, and following.

  • ·          My signature “Release Your Sensual Salsa Self” Video Training series that will give you the keys to begin feeling comfortable in your body and expressing what you are feeling in the music with grace, style and sensuality.

  • ·         Email support throughout the program for issues and conflicts you need immediate assistance with.

The total investment is $997 in advance or $349/month for 3 months (just $124 more than a month of private lessons and you receive SO much more!)

PAY in FULL BONUS: Confident Salsera kit (includes MOVE Makeup sweatproof makeup Kit, dance shoes, empowerment journal, and more goodies!)

Feeling confident and beautiful on that dance floor is well within your reach! I'm ready to show you the way whenever you are. Call me directly at 501-410-6895 or Message me here to get started!