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Finally! Sweatproof, natural makeup for active women.

I created MOVE Makeup for all women with an active lifestyle. (And when I say I created it, I mean I literally sat down in my kitchen lab and mixed and tinkered and mixed until I found a formula that worked - no sticking my name on someone else's stuff!) It's sweatproof and yet it's still natural. Yes, you can dance all night in it. Yes, you can run a marathon in it. Yes you can even hang out all day at the beach in it. It's not going anywhere ;-). 

MOVE came out of my need as a dancer and a naturalista to have makeup that would not sweat off my face during my shows but would also be gentle enough to not break me out for days on end. When I couldn't find it, I created it myself! 

I've formulated MOVE foundations to be natural and soothing for the skin but to also withstand sweat, water, rain, tears, etc. You get my drift. Our concealers and eyeshadows share the same properties and yet it's the easiest makeup to remove. Soap and water does it for me. You can even add a bit of almond oil on a cotton round. Simple, safe, and sweatproof!

You can swing by my website to find out more about it and use the special code LPT10 for 10% off your first order.

You can also contact me for help deciding on what you need in your makeup bag!