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How to minimize stress and overcome anxiety

Hey siStar,

I want to tell you a story. It’s a story about me and it’s fairly recent. It’s a story about how I could be devastated and heartbroken, yet still be balanced and focused enough to keep hold of my hope and faith. It’s a story about what it has taken to move from a place of letting every upset, stress and discomfort throw me off track and convince me that the unspoken fears in my mind just might be true to a place where I can admit sadness and still see the bright glow of the sunrise of my dreams and goals on the horizon.

How is this possible?

It’s because of the work I’ve done to love myself deeply. It’s because of all that I have learned and put into practice about what that truly means. I had to learn what it really meant to take care of myself. I had to learn what it really meant to *listen* to myself and *hear* all the layers of what I tell myself. I’ve had to learn how to see through to the truth of who I am at my very core and begin to understand why I’ve taken on so many other versions of myself that just aren’t true.


And then I had to begin the work of telling myself something different. And then doing something different. And then finally - through a lot of trial and error and *patience* - I began to feel something different. I began to feel like life *was* working out for me. That I was *just* as entitled to a happy road as anyone else. And that in fact, I could create it with a lot more ease than I thought.


Getting to this place is nothing short of magickal. Magickal is truly the best word to describe it. The sense of potential that I have now about life is magnetic - figuratively and literally. I’m constantly bringing in experiences now that can only be explained by coincidence or serendipity and I choose to believe in the latter.


I want to help you experience this and I know that if you are sitting in a cesspool of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress (could this be you?) the first steps have to be about cleaning up the muck and putting an immediate halt on those feelings. Immediate relief is the step before the step of peeling back the layers and making the permanent changes that get you to the magickal place of peace, calm and sanity.


That’s why I created The Mighty Overwhelm MInimizer Course. My first version of this course was a mini introduction to how to immediately reduce the feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety (usually followed by our friend depression). I felt strongly compelled though in the past month to expand and fill out this course so that it isn’t just an introduction, but a true guidepost for you in taking these transformative steps forward.


In this course I will teach you:

** The power of gratitude and why it’s essential to your foundation

** The gift that aromatherapy gives in combatting anxiety and depression

** How to choose the right self-care actions for yourself and customize your own *effective* self care plan

** How to diffuse overwhelm from the viewpoint of self-love


And so much more!


I’ve designed this course to be powerful, transformative and life altering. And furthermore, I’ve designed it to be easy to digest, powerfully effective and simple to implement. If you’ve been feeling on edge, out of whack and in desperate need of some type of break, I encourage you to make this investment in your peace, calm and sanity.


I am so excited about sharing this course with you that I made it extremely affordable for you at $197 so you can experience the same results as me. In fact, I’ve packed this program with an incredibly valuable bonus to support you in your transformation. I wanted to make this available to all participants, but I knew this no-brainer would usher an influx of participants who would be eager for personal time to explore particular blocks. I incorporate the help of the Tarot and look into concrete ways to overcome them energetically and tangibly. Due to the amount of time and energy I invest personally into my “clients”, I truly have to limit that number.


You not only get the Mighty Overwhelm Minimizer Course, but you get an in depth, 90-minute, one-on-one intuitive coaching breakthrough session, valued at ($250).  This package, including our interaction together is easily worth more than $600, however, I want to make it completely accessible and cost-effective for you at $197. However, the bonus is only available through midnight tonight, CST.


Simply press the button below to get access. If you’re anything like me, I know you want to embrace a moment to exhale and release anxiety and the guilt and pain it causes  and gain peace of mind, calm and sanity.


Don’t worry. You have support in the journey. In fact, if you have any questions, I am here for you. Just click here to message me <3.