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#7daysforme Challenge Day 4,5 and 6


#7daysforme Challenge Day 4,5 and 6

Hello Dears!

Instead of posting for each day of these last 3 days, I decided post all 3 of them together, since they all were about writing out how your word applies to different aspects of your life. Here go my thoughts...

Day 4 - How does your word relate to your home life? 

For me when I think of having courage for my home life, I not only think about courage to be the type of person that creates a comfortable, loving home – I’m also thinking about the tangibles too. What is it going to take to have the dream home? What is it going to take to decorate the way I want and purchase the furniture and accessories I want to create a home that feels good and comfy and right? The next step is deciding that I will have the COURAGE to take on whatever it takes. I choose to be the kind of person that dreams big and takes action - and though I may not always make my mark, my big dreams and the COURAGE to do what it takes to reach them are what will get me closer than anything else.

So what about you? What are your insights regarding your Word for the Year and your Home life?

Day 5 - How does your word related to your work life?

This one is super easy for me :-). I can even lay out specific examples of courageous acts I’m going to take!

I do believe that this aspect is what prompted this word for my year. I know that there are opportunities that I could have created for myself that I didn’t because of fear. Simple fears like being afraid to make a phone call or being afraid to send an email have held me back from potential yeses.

And the real fear is a fear of rejection, the fear of a no.

Somehow in my mind, I translate that NO into “No way, you worthless person. Hahaha, silly you – how did you ever think I’d say yes to you.”

Now think a minute…doesn’t that sound like something straight out of a pre-teen chapter book. When you say it out loud it sounds pretty silly and unbelievable. And that’s why Courage is my word.

I don’t want to be ruled by pre-teen drama lol, especially the kind that I create all on my own in my own little subconscious fantasy world. Instead, I’m planning to step into the real world of real life adults that are just as kind, interested (or even busy and uninterested) that I am J. And even if there aren’t kind – how many times has the pre-teen drama ended up showing that the mean teen really had her own issues to begin with and all that meanness had nothing to do with anyone else, least alone the person she was shunning. Something to think about right? :-).

Day 6 - How does your word relate to your personal self - care? 

Applying my word to my self-care is another easy one. Again this is all about the mental dramas that subconsciously get set up in our minds. For me, it’s the mental drama that says “oh Leah, you don’t have the time to do that. Silliness like “you don’t have the time to take a relaxing bath” or “you don’t have the time to make this new mask and try it out for yourself. You don’t have the time to plan a vacation let alone the money.”

I create all these little stories to keep myself from spending time with me and prioritizing me.

This year is already set up to be different. I am going to have the courage this year to say NOTHING bad is going to happen if I spend 30 minutes in a relaxing bath. The theoretical roof won’t fall in on my business and my big dreams if I actually plan a vacation. I don’t have to think that I have to be working every second of every day to actually be something. I have the courage to believe that smart work and less work are ok, better even. I have the COURAGE to take a break. I have the COURAGE to plan a vacation and believe that the energy, finances, and free time will manifest. That takes true courage and that is what I am intending for this year! 

So how about you?? How is your word going to impact your Home life, your Work life, and your Personal Self-Care life? Let me know in the comments!  

Tomorrow is the last day of our Challenge - it is the day that you write out your mission statement/personal promise to yourself regarding your word for the year. Spend some time tomorrow and do this for yourself!