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#7daysforme Challenge Day 2


#7daysforme Challenge Day 2

I just completed my 5 minute meditation for Day 2 of my #7daysforme Challenge :).

5 minutes may feel like nothing at first thought, as though there’s no benefit that can be had from just 5 minutes. However, I believe that any amount of focused, quiet time listening for your answers can benefit you. 5 minutes is a good place to start.

So our task today was to focus on our word for the year for just 5 minutes of quiet reflection. Since my word is Courage, I spent my time with that word. Out of my reflection, I received beautiful insight. The phrase that kept coming to mind throughout the time was “I have the Courage to be the vision I see of myself.”

In reflecting on this, I believe I know what it means for me. It means that I want to have the Courage to move *into* the visions I see of myself living the life I want to live, doing things I’ve wanted to do, and having the impact on others that I want to have. It’s me believing that the vision of myself that I see is me seeing the future, not just me seeing something intangible and improbable. The reason why Courage is so important here is because it’s so easy to become afraid when I begin to think of all the steps towards the vision of myself that I see. It’s easy to let the nagging naysayer in my mind chide in and say things like 'oh that’s too much to do and will never work anyway. It’s just going to take too much energy to even try.'

And I'm done with letting the naysayer win. I’m done with letting it throw molasses in my path and slow me down with doubt and indecisiveness.

It’s my time to step fully into myself even more.

With Courage, I will.


And how about you? What has your meditation brought you by way of insight?