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Photo Recap: Naturally Hurd Hair Event in Little Rock


Photo Recap: Naturally Hurd Hair Event in Little Rock

Hey dears! 

So a few weeks ago, here in Little Rock, we had an awesome event. It was the Naturally Hurd Hair Event sponsored by UnHurd Conversations, a new Little Rock company run by Merica Profit. 

Merica reached out to me about 4 or so months ago about participating as a vendor with my makeup line MOVE Makeup and I have to admit - I was skeptical. I have been involved with so many events as a small business owner. I've vended, I've been a guest speaker, I've paid for my booth, I've had my booth donated, and I've even been paid to have a booth and vend. And my local experience had typically been disappointing. Often times, events ended up being more about exposure than actual sales. If I measured success based on people talked to and brochures picked up - they were definite successes; measured by products sold, not so much. 

So needless to say, I wasn't exactly gung-ho about participating in another local event, especially with so much else on my plate. But Merica also asked me to speak as one of her guest makeup artists and she also seemed to have a good idea of what she was doing, what return she expected, and how exactly she was going to go about pulling it off. 

And so I decided to go for it and participate and am I ever so glad I did! 

Merica pulled off a truly incredible event. I had not seen so many African American natural haired women in one place in Little Rock until then. The sense of anticipation, fun, and camaraderie was electrifying and could be felt throughout the afternoon. Merica chose a great 'celebrity' guest, vlogger Chime Edwards and kept the overall program flowing with interesting and engaging content.  

And as for MOVE Makeup, we had a record sales night! 

So you can imagine, the entire experience was loads of fun and I am looking forward to participating again. Above are a few of the pictures we took - hopefully you can view them and get a sense for how awesome of an event it was!

As always, I'd love for you to keep in touch. I don't only share about awesome events in town, I also share my favorite DIY hair and skin recipes plus my keys to living a naturally vibrant and fulfilled life. You don't want to miss out! Join the email list!