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My Tarot Card of the Year


My Tarot Card of the Year

The end of the year is mostly about processing and evaluating for me. This is the time when I gather up the pieces of myself that may have been scattered by the year and decidely put myself back to gether the way I want to be. One practice I always engage in is self-reflection. I've been really drawn to my Tarot cards since the middle of this year and as you know, I've started to read a lot more and even opened back up to reading for the public(->my Etsy Shop!) and making it an integral part of my coaching sessions. 

So when I happened upon Lisa Frideborg's Tarot Card of the Year analysis, I immediately jumped on figuring out what my tarot card year will be for 2017. I'm a big fan of numerology and use it in almost everything I do. It’s become second nature to think about the numerology of things as I make choices and plans. So of course, combining tarot and numerology are right up my alley.

But I can’t say that I was ecstatic when I figured out what my year was lol. This coming year, 2017 is a Death year for me, as in correlating with the Death Tarot Card #13. Yes, lol on first appearances this did not cause me to leap with joy. I honestly feel like I just went through a Death Year where so many things ended and had to be let go of. The Death card in the Tarot is rarely about actual Death but is more about things ending and transforming in order for new growth to happen. It’s the ultimate stop/no more/don’t pass go/get off this train card. And there was a lot of that this year. Tarot wise, this year was a Hanged Man year though and when I thought about that, it did make sense.

The Hanged Man card in the Tarot is about making the ultimate sacrifice. It’s about doing things that don’t feel good at all for the good of all and for the ultimate best good for yourself. In the process though, it feels like you are being stretched absolutely thin and pushed to your most extreme limits. Being the Hanged Man is tough to say the least.

And that also applies to this past year. In fact, it probably does apply more than Death does because honestly, I wasn’t ready to make those changes. If I could have had my way, I would have held on tightly and continued on with every single thing I had to let go of this year. I would have continued to try to make them work somehow. But being the Hanged Man requires that you let go and let yourself, your desires, and your wants become less important. And this year was definitely about that.  

So when I think about the coming year, it leaves me thinking about what else needs shedding, stopping, or transforming. What I do know is that life will show me. The universe will most definitely bring it up for me to look at and act accordingly. What I’m thinking this being a Death Year means though is that it won’t nearly be as hard. I’ll be ready to let things go if they aren’t serving me anymore. It will be easy to choose the routes that lead to enlightenment and fulfillment instead of holding on to patterns that are only spiraling down or nowhere at best.

Can we say amen to that?! So I can actually say that I’m not afraid of this year bringing on more endings and transformations. I’m ready for it. It truly is time for some patterns of which I’ve just grown accustomed to end. I’m ready for a transformation in key areas of my life and I’m willing to go through the uncomfortable patches to get to the other side of it. And what’s the most comforting is that on the other side of Death is the Star – jubilation, renewal, celebration, and living in purpose. I’m all for a 2018 full of that ;-).

To find out your Tarot card of the Year, you can check out Lisa’s post here. I’ve designed a Tarot spread similar to hers to help me make the best start into the new year and fully explore my word/theme for 2017 ‘BE BIG’. I’m offering a $20 reading special for a mini-coaching session and Tarot exploration of your word for the year that you can take advantage of by grabbing a spot on my calendar ->(www.calendly.com/leahpatterson).

Here’s to fully stepping into the new year, eyes wide open saying yes please to all of the abundance we can receive!