Empowerment Readings


This is you: Frazzled. Feeling drained. Feeling unsure. Feeling out of sync. Feeling blah.

Something's out of wack and you don't know what it is.

Maybe it's on the tip of your brain. Maybe the voices in your head are too many and so loud that you can't tell which one is giving you the right advice?

An EMPOWERMENT Reading can help.

With the help of Tarot cards, I map out what's going on, what can help, and what YOU need to jump start the movement back to feeling at peace.

You will receive your reading within 48 hours of your purchase via video. 

Empowerment Readings are currently $49 and you can purchase yours here


"Leah's Empowerment Readings are Spot-On!"
If you are interested in an empowerment reading, but not quite sure about it, count my testimonial as that last little nudge you need to go for it!
At worst, I thought I'd get a vague overview that could be applied to anyone's life. At best, I though Leah may touch on a few things that were relevant to me. My expectations were much more than exceeded. Not only was Leah 'spot-on' with things in my reading I'd never expressed to another soul, her detail and video delivery were also a pleasant surprise. She not only made sure I understood her process, but through her gift, I immediately understood how her reading applied to my life.
Leah will welcome you with her warmth, guide you with her wisdom, and empower you to be the highest form of your true self!

~TL White

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