Get Sexy!: A Salsa Ladies Styling Dance and Empowerment Experience


Get Sexy!: A Salsa Ladies Styling Dance and Empowerment Experience

4 Weeks - Wednesdays, Jan 30 - Feb. 20th 7-8:30pm

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**An Extension of the Salsa Goddess Self-Love Project

Often times women, don’t feel like they can own their sexiness and sensuality without being objectified or demeaned. This is a shame because within our sexiness and sensuality lies a true power and by embracing that divine feminine energy, we empower ourselves to live out-loud lives of thriving and inspire others to live without apology within their greatness as well.

In this 4 -week experience, you will learn through the vehicle of salsa dancing, how to embrace your femininity and feel 'right' in your body. We will use the power of dance and self-exploration to put you in touch with yourself and from there, help you fall unconditionally in love with yourself.  


For 4-weeks, we will meet every week for a salsa dance class focused on

*salsa basics

*building comfort as a follow

*dancing with power and sensuality aka ladies styling

*body isolation, arm styling, & presence

Weekly MBS FIT TIPS Worksheet
(Mind, Body & Spirit)

These worksheets will feature *life hacks* for achieving what I call Irrational Happiness and Phenomenal Health!

I'll share my favorite essential oils, herbs, meditations, beauty recipes, food recipes and more - all the things that keep me whole and happy!

BONUS: Each lady that registers will receive a MOVE Makeup Beauty MPowerment Mini-Kit with MOVE Makeup foundation, concealer, & eyeshadow.

Registration is $60

Class begins Jan. 30th