Hey SiStar! It's time to say goodbye to Anxiety!


Hello and thank you tons for landing on my page! My name is Leah Patterson and I’m a women’s wellness mentor and an overcomer of lifelong debilitating anxiety and depression.

If you are here, my guess is that you know something about the struggle to overcome anxiety (and maybe even depression - they often go hand in hand).


The first thing I want to tell you is that you can overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety. Relief is very possible. I know because I am on the other side. I worked my arse off to get there, but now that level of anxiety is a thing of the past. Anxiety doesn’t have a hold on my life. It no longer shouts louder than my own voice. I’m finally free from its power.


I want to tell you my story so that 1. You know that you are not alone and 2. You realize that you can beat it, because if I can, you can.


I’m going to be perfectly honest with you before I get into it. Sharing my story is hard. Getting this vulnerable on the wide web of the internet takes guts, BUT helping you get to the other side is so important to me, that I’ll take the risk of friends, family, and even my new boo coming across this page and knowing these intimate details about my struggles and how they have held back my life.


Let me explain. Depression is the root of my anxiety. I was a depressed child that developed a serious lack of esteem with a family life that made it worse. My self-worth was basically non-existent. And unfortunately my outer environment encouraged that. I was the girl in school that all the boys swore they wouldn’t kiss if she was the last girl on earth. In my neighborhood, I was constantly teased for having big lips and big legs. (It still amazes me how cruel children can be). And as if that wasn’t enough, at home my step-father was harsh and often verbally abusive.


When I finally got to a point in my life where I was able to break free a bit and start learning to develop healthy relationships, my anxiety level around everything about those relationships skyrocketed. I worried that friends didn’t really like me or I worried about what I could do to make them keep liking me if they convinced me that they did. I became the classic people pleaser at all costs in a sad effort to prove to myself that I was worth it and to keep people from leaving me. And what that turned into was paranoia that strained so many friendships, scared many a man away and generally drained almost everyone.


Fast forward to my early years as an entrepreneur, on the outside I had all the rah rah enthusiasm of a woman on a mission to save the world and affect major change. However, my extreme anxiety had such an effect on me that following through on my big ideas and passions proved crazily difficult. I’d have periods where I was on fire, taking care of things and making great strides. And then my anxiety would rear it’s head and bring my progress to a screeching halt, making it impossible to make decisions and move forward. I would get so anxious with overwhelm that I could barely breathe, let alone think. And then the crushing depression and shame would kick in, making me think it was worthless to try anyway. All of this resulted in countless business stops and starts.


No one would ever say Leah is not driven or Leah is lazy. But many probably scratch their heads back then trying to figure out why my progress hadn’t matched my effort. It definitely wasn’t for lack of effort, great ideas, or drive. The secret sabotage was always anxiety and depression.


However, now so many things have changed. Who I am today is so far away from who I was even 3 short years ago. Now, instead of letting anxiety drive me so crazy that I end up back in bed with covers over my head and tears in my eyes, I recognize when my anxiety is starting to spiral and I stop it in its tracks.


I’ve learned to see the signs of my anxiety beginning to rise and I’ve developed powerful coping strategies that help me release the pressure and get myself back to a state of calm and clear thinking as quickly as possible. What’s even more impactful is that I’ve learned how to see the *root* of my anxious thoughts and begin healing them at their very core. And I’ve learned how to take radical care of myself so that I am always affirming and strengthening my innate sense of worth.


It’s so possible for you to feel so much better than you are feeling now. I used to think it was impossible and now I know how possible it is. Surprisingly simple *yet effective* techniques and strategies can get you to where I am today and I want so much to help you along your way.


That’s why I am giving you my “I Love Me” Bundle absolutely for free!

It includes my two Quick-Guides on Anxiety Freeing Techniques and 3 Beauty Rituals for Phenomenal Self Care.

The I LOVE Me Bundle includes these two awesome quick-guides below!

 In these guides are the exact techniques I use everyday to keep my spirits positive and my vibe high! I discovered that these techniques were the ones that helped me to really start seeing a different life for myself, free from anxiety and finally headed towards the bright future I’d always envisioned for myself.  


Trust me when I say that the ideas in these guides will start you confidently on your path to becoming the master over your anxiety, instead of your anxiety butting in and taking over whenever it wants.

It’s time luv to take back your power!

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Will you let me know how it’s working for you? All the best dear!