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Thank you for taking this first step in taking back your power from anxiety! The one tiny step of accepting my guides to help you get started is making a huge difference mentally and emotionally for you, believe that! I want you to commit to yourself to really implement what you learn in these guides. 

Give yourself a timeline for incorporating the techniques that you want to try and practice a radical act of self love by simply keeping your commitment to yourself.

Download your 'I LOVE ME' Bundle guides here: 

 Freedom from Anxiety Quick-Guide


3 Beauty Rituals for Phenomenal Self Care Quick-Guide


More than 50% off special Anxiety Relief Tarot Reading

In my wellness and empowerment coaching, I’ve found that conducting a tarot reading can be invaluable for giving insight into how anxiety is affecting one’s life and how to begin stripping it of its power. It also can show you glimpses of how your life could change once you master anxiety once and for all. I’ve been reading tarot for over 15 years and countless positive feedback from clients has convinced me that gaining this insight can be life changing.


Because it’s so powerful, I’ve decided to offer a mini-experience of this to a limited number of people that reach me outside of my private coaching. This is usually something reserved exclusively for my 1 on 1 clients that are fully vested in their transformation, so I’m very happy to give you a glimpse.


I’m offering you a 3-card reading looking into where your anxiety stems from, what blessings it is blocking you from, and clear advice on how to start/continue the recovery process.


This type of in-depth reading would normally be $75 but for you today, I want to offer you the gift of receiving it for just $27.You can take advantage of that right now below! (After you purchase the reading, I will send you an email to find out more about your situation). 


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Anxiety Relief Tarot Reading - Special Price! $27

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