Holistic Skincare Consultation


Through my years as a licensed esthetician, cosmetic chemist, and herbalist I've gained so much knowledge about how to best care for your skin the natural way. If you have been struggling with your skin and you just don't know what to do about it - this can help. In a holistic skincare consultation, after I've understood your skincare concerns and pain points, we'll look at your current products and I'll tell you what to ditch and what to keep. The next thing we'll do is decide on a customized regimen that will get your skin back in shape. Then I'll create a few easy but effective recipes for mask and scrubs that you can make yourself with ingredients you probably have in the kitchen. Last but not least, we'll also talk about the mental and environmental aspects that may be contributing to your skin issues and I'll give you an action plan for addressing them! It will truly be a holistic approach to bringing your skin back in balance!

You don't have to cake on tons and tons of makeup anymore to cover up your blemishes and breakouts.

Heal your skin instead. Let me show you how.

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