5 DAY CHALLENGE! May 1st - 5th

It's time to Ditch the Junk! 

Get the toxins out of your life and jumpstart your natural lifestyle!

DAY 1: What are you eating?
DAY 2: What's in the air?
DAY 3: What's on your body?
DAY 4: What's on your face?
DAY 5: What's in your makeup?



Woohoo my fellow wholistas (or wholistas in training :-))! 

**Wholista: a person interested in and committed to living a **whole** holistic lifestyle!

As you may be able to tell, I am super excited to be doing a challenge that encompasses so many aspects of a healthy, vibrant life! 

This challenge is kicking off May 1st through May 5th! 

Sign up below and you'll receive the snazzy workbook I'm creating to make sure that you get the most out of this free training AND can start implementing what you learn into your life RIGHT AWAY. (That's the point right? :-)). 



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A Little Bit about Why this Challenge...

If you know me, then you know that I have been living my life holistically since my days as a Chemical Engineering Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health back in oh 1999 (aghast!), lol. That is when I first began to realize that something was up with what I'd learned about health and wellness - that in fact, I hadn't learned much about it at all. And I was what you would call the Talented Tenth - the young African-American students slated to do big things in the world. And I couldn't even confidently tell you where cheese came from!

That realization began my journey of holistic living and I've learned so much! It's of course about what you are eating and allowing in your environment - but it's also about how you are thinking and what you are allowing into your mental space as well! 

In this fun challenge, we are going to get to address ALL of that!

Specifically this is what we will be covering: 

DAY 1: What are you eating? 

What types of things are in your diet that slow you down and fog your thinking, metabolism, etc? How can you begin switching them out? What's your mindset got to do with it? 

DAY 2: What in the air? 

Are commercial air fresheners really that bad for you? Is the lady in the office next to you just a drama queen when she claims that perfume is causing her migraines? 

DAY 3: What's on your body? 

Bath and Body Works smells so good! How can that be bad?? There's nothing that can compare on the natural side...or is there??

DAY 4: What's on your face?

One of my faaaaavorite topics! Skincare baby! You are over 25 and your skin is acting crazy mess. What's up with that?? And what's more important, what can you do to fix it??

Day 5: What's in your makeup?

Another favorite topic! My whole journey as the MOVE Makeup maven started because of what was in traditional makeup. Is it really that bad? What's so wrong with drugstore brands? What's all the hoopla over minerals??

I know you are as jazzed as I am now right?? 

So how is this going to work? 

Each day from May 1st -5th I will be hopping on FB Live on my Business Page Leah R. Patterson at about 7:30pm to teach on and discuss the topic of the day. We'll discuss the workbook exercises and I'll answer any questions you have. We'll also have 1 micro-challenge action step that I'll be challenging you to take that we'll talk about as well. It's going to be pretty sweet :). 

Sign up below to get on the official list to receive the workbook next week! And be sure to spread the word to your friends and family - the more the merrier! If they are interested in a more holistic, natural lifestyle, they are going to love you for sharing this with them ;-). 

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