If You Want Some RELIEF and Have All But Given Up... Here's Hope!



Are you stressed about paying bills while the credit card balances keep rising? Is your job stressing you the freak out? Do you feel sick to your stomach all the time?  

Trust me girl, I FEEL Ya! I totally understand what's going on with you and I've been there myself.

The anxiety that swells up around the big question marks in your life can be absolutely overwhelming and can just floor you! It seeps into all areas of your life, compounding problems and basically taking over. Thinking clearly about anything let alone solving any problems feels like a fairy tale in a land far far away.  


"I just need a plan! I just need a plan!" 

It's easy to think that the solution is just putting together a plan, however I'm here to tell you that this is so far from the truth. A plan can only get you so far if you aren't in the right head space to use it.

It's common knowledge that the majority of the time, we know exactly what needs to be done - it's the doing of it that is the problem. What is that quote about the best laid plans?  I believe it goes like this "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." 

So a plan is not going to get you to your finish line alone. 

This is where the Might Overwhelm Minimizer Mini-course - MOMM for short - swoops in to save the day!

This course is going to show you what is holding you back from moving forward on your plan and how to remove that barrier so that it doesn't stand in your way anymore. 

Pay attention, sweetheart, because what's coming next is more than likely not what you're thinking ;-). 

I am going to show you

  • how to approach your overwhelm from the viewpoint of self love

  • how to activate that self love through purposeful self care, effectively laying the groundwork for legendary peace, calm, and optimism in the face of adversity

  • which self care techniques are the most effective and how to customize your own self care plan so that it has tangible, long-lasting effects

You'll walk away from this course with the plan that's necessary BEFORE the plan. The Self-love plan you will have in your hands will show you exactly how to shift yourself to continuously being in the right head space to tackle the rest of life.  

What are people saying about Leah...

Leah will welcome you with her warmth, guide you with her wisdom, and empower you to be the highest form of your true self!

~ T. L. White




You are amazing at what you do and what you do goes beyond wellness and beauty consultation; it allows people to be seen, heard, and know that they matter and all of this while educating them that beauty and wellness is rooted in nature and simple is powerful!!!

~ Yola M. 


About the course...

Hey Leah! I really enjoyed the course, particularly the detailed information about essential oils. I have always loved scent, and the infinite combinations that are possible. I also really enjoyed your tips on creating a self-care ritual, particularly the gratitude list. I have been practicing employing Law of Attraction techniques every day. I have mainly been focusing on positive affirmations. I am a big fan of Louise Hay. ~ Angela P.

Imagine if....

Imagine if you were able to set goals and then knock them out. If you were able to create plans for yourself and see them through. Imagine feeling like there was space enough in your brain to think about everything that needed to be thought about and handle it all without issue. When issues did come up, you were able to figure them out with little to no stress. 

What you will learn in MOMM will be the groundwork for getting to that level of productivity and what I call "ease of being".   


There are two options for moving through this course.  

STAND ALONE: For the course alone your investment is $39.  

WITH SOME HELP: If you know that you would appreciate some help with discussing your particular issues and creating a plan that will really be effective, then purchase this option which includes a Anxiety Action Plan coaching session with me. This investment is $99.  





How will I receive the course?

The course is delivered on video. You'll receive a link to all of the course material and will be able to access it at your leisure.  


Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you are fed up. You are ready to take action and you aren't afraid to incorporate a little woo woo because hey, 'it might work!'   


Who isn't this course for? 

This course isn't for you if you are still STUCK in victim mode. Let me explain what I mean by this. If you feel as though nothing will work, no matter what, then you are right - nothing will work. No one can convince you otherwise. However a little bit of skepticism is ok. A little bit of angst and feeling at your wit's end is ok. This means that the pain is getting more uncomfortable than staying in the same situation much longer and that's the type of motivation you need. 


Once I purchase, what will happen?

First off, woohoo for purchasing and taking your first steps towards radical, effective self care turned self love. And of course to getting it done and making it happen - whatever your it is!  So once you purchase, you'll receive an email with all of the instructions on how to access the course. Be sure to whitelist info@leahpatterson.com so that this email comes directly to your inbox and not your spam box. If you've purchased the option that includes my 1-on-1 assistance, I will reach out to you via email and we will choose a time that works for us both. I'll also let you know how to best prepare for our chat so that you can get the best value out of it!







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