So Who is Leah Patterson?

I am your wellness and holistic beauty mentor - ready to coach you and cheer for you on your journey towards thriving in life!

Ok my dear - real questions here.

Don't you want to break free from feeling out of sync with life? 

That path involves learning to ebb and flow with your environment. It means learning to use the natural world around you to your aid. Learning to tap into your innate wisdom and let it guide you. It may even mean getting a little woo woo. And then learning to infuse all of that with a healthy bit of sass ;-).

I have this synergy in my life all the time as a naturalista and dancer...This lifestyle guides me and I'm going to show you how it can guide you too.

I've been on my journey of living my version of a naturally, vibrant life ever since I left my position as a research fellow at the National Institute's of Health early to pursue a new path. That path filled itself with studying herbal medicine, starting a non-profit organization, working as a holistic esthetician, starting more than one holistic centered business all while becoming an international salsa instructor and performer and along the way discovering what it meant to live life on purpose. 

What is a vibrant, fulfilled life?

I define it as a life lived on purpose and what's more, lived with an ever-growing awareness about who you are, what embracing 'happy' means to you and how you fit into this big beautiful world we live in.

These are the keys:


  • Wellness

  • Beauty

  • Movement




let's get started!

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