Online Salsa Classes with Leah

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I'm super excited about this! Imagine getting the kind of training you don't even get at congresses easily, instantly and whenever you like (as in log in, click play, and practice with the video until your heart is content).

Let me expound....One of my pet peeves with most dance classes in the salsa/bachata world is that ladies/follows rarely get the same training attention that men/leads get. Of course I understand that leads lead the dance, but we have technique to learn too! It's no fun having someone just expect for you to fumble along and "feel it". We want to KNOW it.

AND not only that. We want to KNOW where we can get sexy and playful and HOW to express that sexiness and playfulness. We want to know HOW to get down and groovy like the guys do and we want to know how to look feminine doing it too.

And that's what I'm going to teach you in my exclusive online dance courses.

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PASSION PROJECT! Salsa as Sacred Dance

I have a new project that I invite you to check out!

When I dance, I am accessing my divine nature. I am putting myself directly in touch with my feminine power and when I'm dancing at my highest bliss - elevating it to a divine state. 

Salsa specifically is one of the languages of my soul. My soul shines extra bright when I'm dancing salsa! 

That's why my dance style is so much about self expression - why I can dance an entire song by myself in perfect bliss. Why I can close my eyes and be *in* the moment without issue or worry.

So I've been exploring how to give other women this experience. It's healing. It's expanding. It's empowering. 

Salsa as Sacred Dance is the result of this exploration! 
In this online class, we will explore: 
**Connecting to your body so that you can translate a thought or an emotion into movement. 
**Experiencing moving energy through your body with sensuality and grace
**Integrating your mental/spiritual feeling of feminine power with a physical sense of it
**feeling within the flow of your world

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