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So It looks like Tuesday is going to be my blogging day :). Even though it is technically a MOVE Makeup day in my work schedule – I guess a little check in on my daily holistic life with you lovelies isn’t a bad thing!

So what was the theme of last week? STRUCTURE! I have to admit, I was a beast last week. I mean, I was so organized. And organization my friends – it’s key. Even for a multi-passionate, free-spirit like myself. When I put it all together, plan it out, and then execute that plan, magical things happen! Whoop Whoop!

One of the things that really got me on task was a complimentary coaching session with a powerhouse biz coach Carmen Tseng. Carmen ‘gets’ multi-passionate folk like me. What multi-passionate means is you have a bazillion ideas and are working on at least a handful at the same time. Um yeah – slowly raises hand – that’s so very much me, lol. How about you?

Anywho, one of the suggestions that Carmen had for me was to give each of my current businesses a day. That means on that day, all I do is work on that business. If ideas come up for my other businesses, write them down, say “thank you brilliant mind!” – and get back to work on what’s in front of me.

Can we say SIMPLE but AWESOME! Sheesh! I mean, why had I not thought of that before? Instead, I was cluttering up my mind and revving up my anxiety trying to do a little of this and a little of that all in the same day. Yes, I made progress but at the risk of my sanity – not really a good trade off right?

So that’s my little productivity hack for you guys today – if you find yourself with a great big to-do list, as simple and DUH inspiring as it sounds – make sure you are categorizing and prioritizing it. And if you can, break it down to days so that your mind gets to use its full mental power in just one area at a time.

I promise you, it’s been KEY to beast-mode Leah this week ;-).

Let me share with you my rocked out list:

1.       Completed a Video Challenge offered by Mimika Cooney to get myself less 'clammy' about doing videos! (Just get out there girl!)

2.       Made a video for a FB Ad campaign to bring in new students at the Leah’s School of Latin Dance.

3.       Revise the web copy on this lovely site of mine so that I’m not making anyone feel like they aren’t a part of this party.

4.       Planned out all my Instagram Posts for @mymovemakeup

5.       Participated in a BLAB for Bribes conference with my biz brethren Bridal Tribe, JfoBeauty, and SemekaPro

6.       Taught a ton of dance classes

Jamberry awesomeness!

Jamberry awesomeness!

7.       Practiced on my own dance work

8.       Painted my nails with Jamberry awesomeness

9.       FELT GOOD!

10.   And probably some more that I just can’t remember ;-).

Yep, pretty freakin’ stellar if I do say so myself, lol :).


TIP of the WEEK!

I can’t leave you without a tip for this week because you know – beauty and wellness – that’s my thang.

Double Duty LOVE for Your Eyes

So we know that as we get older, the sensitive skin around our lovely eyes needs more and more love right? Right. And if you wear mascara, eyeliner, and/or eyeshadow getting it off at night (like you all should be doing – I’m looking knowingly at you ;-)) can be a chore. So I have a double duty tip for you.


Start using Almond oil! Almond oil is wonderfully nurturing for the delicate skin around the eye and it can help reduce the appearance of dark circles over time. And it is crazy simple to use. I have a small squeeze jar on my counter and I apply a few drops to both eyes, over the lids and massaging lightly under my eye as well. Then I wet a cotton ball and wipe gently towards the inside of my eye until all of the eye makeup is gone. I also wipe down the lashes and underneath my eyes at the end to make sure I’ve removed all of the mascara. The excess oil left on your skin allows you to give your eyes a little bit of skin therapy without having to try hard at all. How sweet is that?

Almond oil is getting easier and easier to find – I’d check your local health foods store and even explore ordering online. Ebay and Amazon have some great vendors. And who knows, soon I might create a curated shop on Amazon just for you all ;-).

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!