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Today’s message is going to be short and sweet :). I’m sitting here with my warm cup of tea, relaxing on my way too big but super comfy new couch (that I finally bought after almost a YEAR without one!), writing my weekly newsletter to a tribe of lovely beings that really want to receive what I have to give. My Christmas tree is all lit up to the side of me and my doggies are happily playing in the next room. I just finished a beautiful, empowering Tarot Reading for a dear soul and delivered it in a new (for me), more impactful and authentic format.

I love my new couch :D. 

I love my new couch :D. 

And I feel good, really good. It’s in moments like this that I remember when I wished my life looked like this and I am thankful. I remember having so much less and striving for so much. I remember being painfully unhappy and unsatisfied and unclear about why. I remember wondering how things could get any better. And then, in moments like this, I look up and I realize better has come :-).

The lesson here is that better does come, if we let it. And if we recognize it and soak up the goodness of it, it can’t help but continue to flow. It’s just the way it is, lucky for us ;-).

Happy Holidays!

And if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!