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Hey loves! How has it been? Let's just say I've had a FULL two weeks. Really full. Lots of life. Lots of stuff. But that's the stuff of life right? It's not about what is happening, it's about how you are handling it :). And I've been handling it well, with my beauty and wellness rituals in tow :-D. 

In addition to all of the 'life stuff', I have been working on my first program for you all! I'm really excited about it :). I'm still working out all of the details, but it's going to have all the juicy bits about wellness and holistic beauty AND the steps to make it an easy add to your life. It's going to be kinda stellar, kinda fab, kinda amazing ;-). 

Moving on though, last week I was still dealing with major allergy ick. I talk about it in the video but basically, it was annoying at the least, lol. I used my bag of natural remedy tricks though and I can happily say that *this* week, I'm feeling 100 times better - woohoo! 

So, grab some coffee or lunch and hit play :). Let me know if you've been using any of these remedies as of late OR what you have been doing to knock out the allergies in the comments! 

Until next time!