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Did you miss the 7 Days to Clear Skin Challenge? It was sooooo great and I had suuuuch a good time compiling all of the information for everyone who participated! Once the challenge got started, doing the Facebook Live videos in the group daily was such a treat as well! And the best part is that everyone who participated saw great results and are really pumped to keep up with their new skincare routines.

That is probably the best part for me – that I was able to give of the knowledge I’ve acquired through all of these years and it actively helped people. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know what you’ve shared has been useful!

So what did we cover in the skincare challenge? Well the premise was that in just 7 days, you can set your skin on a path towards healing, thereby bringing about that beautiful, glowing and clear skin that we all love seeing. It really is possible!

At the beginning of the challenge, I gave out a specific *simple* and basic skincare routine for everyone to follow. It consists of basic skincare items that will bring your skin back into balance. Many times when your skin is out of whack it needs a dose of basic care, so going back to the bare-bone basics of skincare is key.

Each day, in the emails and Facebook live videos, I talked in detail about different aspects of the skincare routine we followed. That way everyone participating understood *why* I made my recommendations and could begin the process of understanding exactly what their own skin needs are.

And as an added bonus, I conducted a 1-card Empowerment Reading for each day of the Challenge. Skincare can absolutely be a source of empowerment and what I reiterated each day was that, although caring for your skin at first can seem surface and even vain, it truly can be a bridge to loving and valuing yourself more, especially when you are DIY’ing it. So the Empowerment Readings helped to focus in on that aspect of the skincare work – helping everyone to see how to use this challenge as a source of empowerment as well.

It really was a blast and I’m sad for you if you missed it!

But the great news is that I will be doing a follow up free class this coming Wednesday on two vital steps to beautiful skin - scrubs and masks. We didn’t really get a chance to dive into those during the challenge, so that’s why I’m devoting a whole class to them :-). I would love for you to attend the class and learn why these two steps are so important and what you can use (from commonplace to exotic) to customize them for yourself.

I so hope you will join us!

Even though the class is free, I still need for you to register so that I can send you the special viewing link! Register here:  http://www.leahpatterson.com/2steps     

I'm looking forward to Wednesday! As always, if you have any questions, type them out in the comments or just send me a quick message :-).