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Hello and welcome! New space, new journey!

You may have noticed that leahpatterson.com is looking a lot different and I'm ecstactic about that! Really ecstatic my friends. For ages, I've been split into multiple places online, without a concrete home for *all* of the things that are Leah. Some place where I could post my pictures from dance class of my awesome students but then not feel weird about posting a picture of me working on my next fab MOVE Makeup product. Or maybe showcasing my (limited!) skills in the kitchen, or how I'm re-discovering my way as a green girl/wise woman herbalist.

See all of that doesn't fit on my dance website. Nor does it fit on my makeup website. Natural Black Girl Guide fulfilled some of that but then dance and makeup didn't really fit. But it all does fit under LeahPatterson.com. Because these (and more) are all the things I'm about :).

So let's enjoy the journey! I'm excited about taking you on it! I'm excited about sharing all that I am and helping you out on your journey as well. Let's do this!

Are you with me?? Yah?? Alright!

**Big big smiles**