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So recently, I was a guest on one of my local TV Station Morning Shows KTHV This Morning. I am one of their regular beauty experts that comes on once a month or so and shares a beauty tip. My focus is always holistic beauty tips because that's what I believe in.

I truly believe that each of us can have beautiful skin, it's just about finding out what works for you and then doing it. Consistently. ;-). Even I struggle with this, lol. DIY Skincare is very very very effective. Tons of your everyday kitchen items (i.e. food on your face!) are absolutely wonderful for your skin. That's why I love sharing about it!

My philosophy as it relates to my makeup line, MOVE Makeup is kind of like this: It's easy to make good skincare when you have the right knowledge. It's not so easy to make good makeup and the right knowledge isn't that easy to come by either. That's why I teach how to create your own good skincare and make for you the good makeup :).

Click on the picture and check out the video below of my segment. I highly recommend giving this scrub a go. It feels divine and it works wonders. We all deserve some magic-working, divine pampering in our lives right? :).