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I guess being able to be your authentic self and stand in your truth despite fear of anything. ~ Karen C.

Today I was able to do DAY 3 of my #7daysforme Challenge.

My Day 3 task was to ask a good friend what they thought about my word Courage.

The interesting thing is that it took me most of the day to build up the COURAGE to ask someone. Surprising right? That’s precisely why I put this challenge in I believe. Often times it’s easy to keep things in our mind and profess and share them only with ourselves. However, I know that we gain so much more when we share it with others. And I also know that it can be scary to share it with others. At least for myself, I know there’s a tendency for a fear of ridicule to pop in. And precisely because that fear is so far from probable reality, this year is about working consistently to challenge that fear every chance I get :-).

So my good friend’s words above are even more insightful. Being able to be my authentic self and stand in my truth, despite fear of anything. YES!