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So I’ve been wondering what to write to you about. There’s been a lot going on but most of it’s been internal – me in planning and allowing mode. I’ve purposely taken a step back from everything at the end of this year. Part of it has been practical. I took on a temp job to help me through transitioning out of dance work into more coaching and mentoring work. But the practical has made an easy excuse for the real reason – the need to get out of doing energy and get more into feeling energy. Another way to say it is setting the masculine energy on the shelf for a bit and getting cozy with my feminine energy.
I came upon this necessity after a few different talks with various mentors and guides. It became clear that I was too focused on productivity and listening to my urges to get things done . I wasn’t however listening to my intuition that was telling me to rest and relax. And so with the start of this temp job, I began the process of slowing down and just “being”.
It’s remarkable how something so simple can result in such profound shifts. First off, I feel so much more in tune. My worry nerve is almost none existent. I have a sense of peace and knowing and calm coupled with giddy expectancy when thinking of the future. The things that would normally bother me are rolling off of me without much effort. I’m enjoying myself. I’m feeling rested. I’m smiling more and more. I’m finding myself with *more* time even though technically I have *less* time.
The blessings abound and with that the *right* and most exciting ideas and certainties are surfacing.
I have some dear to me goals for the new year for instance. I’m going to begin work on my tarot/oracle deck for depression and anxiety overcomers. I will start a new web-show project with my dear friend Shamelle Reveter of Destiny’s Talent (We refer to it as our own Super Soul Sunday :-D). And I will be taking on my first one on one clients into my signature program created with the goal of teaching you how to access your divine feminine confidence from within yourself and live out of it every day. I actually have some exciting news coming up about a way to experience a taste of this that I’ll be sharing in the Facebook Group Inner Goddess, Outer Glow. Join us over there so that you don’t miss out on hearing about it!
I’ve been doing a lot of sharing there – just recently I chatted about the Full Moon and how to use that energy to our advantage. It’s still relevant so, especially if you have been feeling out of sorts and overstressed, be sure to check it out.
So dear, I am delighted that we are almost done with 2016 and headed into 2017. 2017 is going to be amazing. Let’s claim it together <3!
Be on the lookout at the beginning of the year – we are going to start off the same way we did last year – choosing our word for the year and setting our intentions for what we want to bring into existence. Until next time, have beautiful days and a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)!

Much love and bright blessings!