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Tomorrow is a full moon - full moon in Gemini and apparently this last full moon (a supermoon) of the year is just as intense, if not more so, than the other super full moons this year. When I read about it here, omg, it made so much sense. It was actually comforting! 

This year has been so much of a transition for me. So much shedding and letting go. So much sadness and disappointment and creating of space for new and different and hopefully better things to replace the things that fell away. Not easy is an understatement. Trial by fire is a nice way to put it. 

Courage was my word for 2016 and like I've said a few times this year, oh my how the Universe has delivered on ways for me to display courage!

And so to hear that the final purge is upon us and that the time of purification and stripping bear is almost at an end - it's released such an exhale of relief in me that I can barely describe it!

The whole point is to usher in the energy of newness and activated purpose of 2017. Where as this year has been about shedding, next year is going to be about growing new vibrant, glowing and radiant skin. Next year is going to be about being able to step naked and shining into your purpose as though you've been newly baptized and recommissioned onto a new path. 

I can barely express my excitement and gratitude for that lol! Seriously though, I'm sure that you can resonate with what I'm saying. I'm sure I'm not the only one of us who has let go of much this year and held onto hope that the goals and dreams we've clung to and allowed to percolate and evolve over this year would begin to solidly manifest at some point soon. 

For instance, in my case, I've been working on how to bring together what I can offer you. I created small programs and then came to the realization that these would only get you surface results. I got clearer on what transformation from working with me looks like and exactly how I've chosen thriving in life and how I can help you make the same choice for happiness and vibrant living (thriving!). I admitted that it's a system and not a quick fix, one you need to commit to, one that you need to allow time for. And I realized that only in-depth work would take you from where you are to where you want to go. 

And that has been a process believe me. A process of understanding and reassessing and adjusting and more understanding. And in the meantime, life was going on with it's regular bumps and fun not fun trials too. 

But here I am - here we are - at the end of the cycle, ready to give that last heave-ho and concerted effort to release anything else that's lingering around holding us back. It's time because who wants to take that unnecessary baggage into 2017? I know I don't! 

Tomorrow I'm going to be livestreaming from my Facebook Page about the full moon and giving some more of my insights and suggestions on how you can use that energy in your own life as well. I'm not quite sure what time of day it will be but I'm shooting for early morning :-). 

The beautiful thing about FB Live videos is that you can catch it later if you miss it live. So be sure to stop over there at some point tomorrow and check it out. 

So my love, here's to heralding in new amazing energy and releasing every bit of the stagnation that is still holding us back. Woohoo!!!

Lots of love <3!