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Hello lovlies! Omg, I missed a week of connecting with you! Trust me, I agonized about it until I finally let myself off the hook with the realization that life happens :-D. Most of my reason had to do with feeling way under the weather most of last week so that when I did have time to write, all I felt like doing was resting. Ugh! Ever get that feeling? In any case, I did get a chance to do a quick video for you all about Slippery Elm Bark Powder - this has been a favorite herb of mine for ages - though it is by no means the best tasting or easiest to take, lol. Any of you have experience with Slippery Elm? The powder turns into a gel when mixed with water - imagine trying to drink that lol - not fun. However it's very worth it and I tell you some key points about why in the video. Check it out :). 

Btw, you may be wondering how I pulled of a cute outfit and fly makeup in that video while feeling so under the weather ;-). Well I recorded on Sunday, the same day that I was a featured guest on the Jerrell Hardnett Show, a local tv talk show that is going to launch on CW Arkansas in March! Exciting right?! So I figured, ought not waste a pretty outfit and makeup day lol. As soon as I know the air date, I will definitely pass it on :). Ok, on to the video!