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NEW CLASS ALERT!: Spring Detox: Mind, Body, Spirit Renewal!

Hello lovelies!

I’m hoping that your week has started off well and that you are enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are :). Here in Little Rock it is GORGEOUS! I’m talking 80 degree weather over here :-)! Needless to say I am happy about that.

What I’m also happy about is that I’ve just put the finishing touches on the first course I’ve been working on for you and it is ready to go!

When I was deciding on what would be best to focus on right now, after asking you all’s opinions and combining that with my own intuition, I kept thinking about the season we are moving into Spring.

When I think of Spring I think of renewal, rejuvenation, and refreshment. I think about priming my mind, body, and spirit to get them back in gear and repaired from any neglect, misuse, or damage from Winter (because Winter’s can be harsh). I also see it as a time to fortify myself for the next few seasons to come (Summer, Fall and back into Winter).

So with all of that in mind, I created the Spring Detox: Mind, Body and Spirit Renewal Mini-E Course!

I’m excited about it! In the course, which will be done all online via Google Hangouts, we will cover in detail which body systems are involved in detoxing. We’ll discuss the herbal remedies I recommend for toning and healing these systems. And last but not at all least, I’ll share with you natural beauty and health rituals and methods that can help to renew your spirit and refresh your mind as well.  

The course is over 3 days beginning next Monday. Each session will be an hour long and will be recorded and the replay made available to you. You’ll have hands out for each class that will help you remember what you’ve learned and more importantly *incorporate* what you’ve learned into your everyday life. And your investment is just $49 for all of this!

If you want to check out some more information about the course, feel free to watch my video about it below and/or email me with any questions you have. If you are ready to get started then click on over to here and get registered! I'm excited to get started with you next week! 

Until then! 

Stay positively in love with yourself ;-).