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Hey there lovelies! 

I am so hoping that you've been enjoying this last week or so. My life has been filled with lots of activity - all of it leading to positive things for sure. I want to tell you all about it so today's post is going to be a hodge podge :). 

I'm sitting here on a Sunday after having enjoyed an absolutely lovely me-focused Easter day. Yes, I could have gotten caught up in feeling some kind of way about not having a family gathering to go to BUT I also could redirect that energy to feeling super grateful for having a day all to myself with no agenda. And yep, that's what I did :). The weather was so lovely and my backyard was the perfect place to veg out, web surf and read. I spent a little time at the grocery store with all of the other people not at Easter dinner, lol, and then spent the rest of the day hanging out on my couch with my Real Simple, Vegetarian Times, and Clean Eating Magazines :-D. I’ve been on a magazine kick lately and these 3 are probably my favorites – so inspiring. I’ve definitely realized the value of surrounding yourself with who you want to be and what you want to be about ;-).

One other thing I did today was listen to parts of an awesome podcast from the Natural Medicine Summit that just ended this past week. This was a virtual event put on by Dr. Michael Murray, a leading authority in the world of natural medicine. I was able to catch a couple of the interviews and oh my, it was so invigorating! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a public educational event on natural medicine – even virtually, it felt awesome to be listening to conversations about how nature provides every single thing we need for optimal health. It really is the truth.

There is one concept introduced by Mike Adams, the editor of NaturalNews.com that I’m going to explore more and report on for you. It’s the idea of defensive eating. What this means is that when you eat something not necessarily healthy for you, that you also eat a food that can counter the negative effects of the negative food. It’s a concept that feels intuitively already known but intellectually not really spelled out in this way. I think it’s brilliant and makes so much sense for the world that we live in today. So definitely look out for what more I find out about this – looking forward to sharing it with you!

I’m not sure how long the encore videos will be available, but I suggest popping over to this link and checking them out while you still can. These are the top 3 interviews from the summit and I can definitely see why.

Another thing that Mike Adams spoke about was growing your own food. I’m so committed to this and each year I do a better and better job. We’re headed back into that season of planning and planting so be on the lookout for me sharing my steps and encouraging you to take your own ;-).

Alrighty friends, this post is getting long so instead of jamming all of my reflection into today, I will instead give you a reading break and come back with more very soon :-).

Until then lovelies!

Best and brightest!