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Hello lovelies! How was last week? Awesome I’m hoping!

So in keeping with our monthly theme of Breaking Down to Break Through, today I want to talk to you about breaking down your skincare whys in order to break through what’s keeping you from them! Like how I did that there? ;-).

You all know that holistic skincare is a huge passion of mine. The reason is multi-fold and has a lot to do with the whys of skincare.

Our skin, especially on our face commands a lot of our attention and for good reason. It’s the most un-hideable part of our body and the FIRST thing that most people see when meeting us for the first time. Therefore, our skin is a major part of our first impressions and as such, a major part of our internal self-esteem as well. Imagine what it feels like meeting someone new with a big pimple on your face? I don’t know many people that wouldn’t be at least slightly preoccupied with that and feeling some kind of way.

I know this firsthand. When your face is full of blemishes, acne scars and breakouts, and dark circles under your eyes, it’s really hard to put your best self forward! It’s really easy to cower, to melt into the background, to be meek, and to try to be unseen. It’s really easy to hate on yourself, to have a bleak outlook on everything, and to give up trying to have better. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve allowed myself to be stopped in my own tracks by my own self because of the low self-esteem my mess up skin caused me.

And I’ve also been witness to the growing esteem in myself as I began to learn how to take better care of my skin and actually do it and see the results.

And that’s why Holistic Skincare gets me so jazzed. It’s because just by the simple act of improving your skin, you can improve your life by leaps and bounds.

That may sound like an exaggeration but humor me for a bit.

We imagined having blemished, inflamed skin. Now imagine having glowing, radiant skin. Imagine how confident you’d feel. Imagine meeting that new person now. Imagine how vibrant your smile would be, how easily you would rise up and meet their eyes and welcome them to take a full good look at you. No cowering, no hiding, no meekness, no trying to be unseen.

Feels pretty good right? And holistic skincare is what gets you there and what got me there. Holistic skincare means approaching your skin’s healing from not just one level. It means addressing it on multiple levels, bringing all of the variables into play that affect it, the most important one being your mind. (We’ll talk about that more in a later post). It also means creating a skin care plan and regimen for you that is long lasting and about healing, not just quick fixes.

This is one of the areas that I’m here to help you out with ladies and gents. Holistic skin care is something you can learn and put into practice too and I’m happy to be your guide :-).

This Tuesday, I’m hosting a special FREE Webinar (think of it as a class you can attend over the internet!) on the 5 Steps to Gorgeous, Radiant Skin. I’m going to give you my BEST TIPS – things you can start implementing right after the webinar is over! These are the steps I use and that I’ve recommended to every single client I’ve had as an esthetician. I definitely want to share them with you so be sure to sign up here. That way you’ll receive the special link so that you can tune in on Tuesday.

As always, let me know if you have any questions at all in the comments below. What’s your biggest skin care issue right now? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make a point to address it in a future post!


Thanks for being you ;-)