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Hello lovely people! 

I'm hoping that the days between posts have been filled with joy for each of you :). At the least, I hope you've had happy moments :). 

This being the last post of April and our month of Breaking down to break through, I've decided to break down the 5 essential steps that you need to be doing to get your skin to cooperate and be its most beautiful version of itself ;-). 

Remember that webinar I mentioned last post? The 5 Steps to Gorgeous, Radiant Skin?


In that webinar I broke down the 5 essential steps in your skincare regimen that you need to be doing. These steps are especially helpful if your skin has been acting up and nothing seems to be working. In many cases, this means that going ‘back to the basics’ is in order.

Your 5 essential steps are 1. Cleanse 2. Scrub 3. Mask 4. Tone and 5. Moisturize

How many of you are doing these each week? Do you know which ones should be done daily? How about weekly?

Well I talk about all of that in the webinar and lucky for you I recorded it! So instead of going over it all again here in written form, I want you to check out the webinar itself. Give it a listen before you step back into the bathroom to wash your face ;-).

To access the webinar, just follow the directions on this page!: www.leahpatterson.com/5stepwebinar