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Hey there love, 

Well May is well on it's way. It looks like it's shaping up to be a very busy month for me! What about you all? We stepped into this month with a very powerful New Moon just a few days ago that promises all kinds of goodness. I was reminded to look up my numerology a few weeks ago and found that I am currently in a 3 year in a 9 life. Kind of explains a lot lol. 

Looking at my shuistrological report also, May is supposed to be a freakin' fabulous month. Absolutely wonderful. 

But you know what. I'm not quite feeling that yet. To be honest, it's felt hard and stressful so far. More than once I've wanted to get back under the covers and try again another day. It's been tough. 

So what do you do when things feel that way? Do you chuck it all and let the circumstances win? 

It's probably in your nature, just like it's in mine, NOT to do that. You probably have this annoying urge to try again even when you don't feel like it and think you don't want to. 

But just because it's your inclination to keep moving forward, it doesn't mean at all that it feels good or that it's easy. It can be downright exhausting. Over the years, I've figured out some ways to make it a little bit easier. and here's what I've been doing this week to do that: 

1. Maybe you know that I'm actively trying to get pregnant. So you can probably imagine how disappointing it is when my cycle shows up again. It's very easy for me to get down about that and stop doing the things I've been doing to get my body in the best shape and my mind in the right place. What's been working is baby steps. What I mean is that in the days of my cycle, I don't ask myself for much. I let it be enough that I've done a few of the things that I know are important. Maybe that's taking my prenatal vitamin. Maybe that's eating breakfast. In a few more days, that list will grow back to everything that is important and it won't feel like I'm pulling my own teeth to get it done. But for now, just one thing, one small thing is enough. 

2. You probably know that teaching wellness and holistic beauty isn't my only job. I have 2 other businesses, my makeup line MOVE and my dance school LSLD. Having one business alone is a lot of work, but running 3 and hoping to have success with each is sometimes a difficult task. There's always something more to do - something else on the must-do list. How do I manage? I give each business it's day and I try to stick to that. Keeping organized in my mind is literally a life saver. I know I would be a basket case if I tried to do everything everyday. Having the serenity of knowing "today's not the day for that" is seriously peace giving. 

I can't take credit for figuring this out. A wonderful biz coach mentor of mine, Carmen Tseng is who set me on this path. She gets multi-passionate people like myself and she helped me see the wisdom in NOT trying to do it all, all at once. 

3. The third thing I've been doing is getting serious about my gratitude. You have probably heard me talk about gratitude a lot. You might remember me mentioning a gratitude list and how beautiful of a practice writing one out every day is. The thing is, you have to do it. And you have to do it even when you don't feel like and even when you feel like you have no time at all for it. I'm the kind of person that is always thinking about the things I'm grateful for and it's easy to think that's enough. It's not though. It's not enough when you are met with funky days when everything seems to just be blowing up in your face. Days like that require an ACTIVE practice of gratitude. An ACTIVE practice of gratitude is taking even 5 minutes to sit down, take a deep breathe, and write and feel. I really think the feeling is the most important part of this. And the writing allows space for the feeling to appear.

Now yes, I'll admit - you'll do all these things - and you probably won't see things change drastically. You probably will have some more absolutely jacked up days. It'll be hard sometimes to remember what exactly you are grateful for. BUT, believe me the energy is moving. The Universe is hearing you and the Universe is bringing your focus back to you. It really is a universal law that you can see played out all over life in a bazillion different ways. 

And the more important thing is that in the moment, you'll feel like you can get to the next moment. And the next. And the next. 

That's what I want for you and that's what I want for myself. In the next moment, everything could change and it's absolutely true that in the next moment, everything does change. But getting there is the key ;-).

A little help to get there: 

Grapefruit essential oil is beautifully uplifting and it's generally pretty inexpensive. Pick up a bottle at your local health food store and use in these ways:

  • If you have a locket, take a little bit of tissue or a small bit of cotton and put it inside of the locket. Drop about 2-3 drops on the cotton/tissue and you'll have your own booster for when you need it. 
  • In a 2 oz spray bottle, put about 10 drops to 2oz of water and spray around your home for an uplifting boost. You can spray your linen with this also.
  • If you have a wax warmer, after the scent has left the old wax, add about 10 drops to it and you'll have your home smelling of grapefruit fairly quickly.