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Happiest of New Year’s siStar!

Can you feel the excitement of the new year? Every email I’ve received and post I’ve seen is all about the new year and new goals and resolutions and the like. Everyone is on this beautiful high. It’s wonderful to feel and contagiously uplifting. I’m loving it.


I’m loving it particularly for myself. Already this year has filled me up with awesome instant manifestations. And it’s only Day 5! (Btw, can you join me in wishing my sister Jeanette a Happy Birthday today?? I know she will feel the love :-).) I’ve been inspired into some beautiful eaasssy action that is taking me on a lovely journey already. I’ve linked up with just the right motivation and guidance and next steps and finally, that sense of *rightness* is settled in. I just *know* it’s all working out into my dreams lightening fast all of a sudden. I *know* that my signals antenna is primed and active. I know that they right next steps are easily laying out in front of me. And what’s probably the best feeling - is that I know I’m going to be wonderfully fine and happy, regardless what comes. Accessing my happiness when I need/want to regardless of the circumstances? Yes, that muscle is strong within me these days. This past year of *active* exercising of this muscle has most definitely paid off :-D.


Magickal? Yes! So much so that when I was thinking about how I wanted to best kick off this year and pass on some of this goodness to others, two ideas rose to the surface.


Today I’ll share the first one. Tell me what you think!


On the 17th, the day after the New Moon, I’m offering something unique.


You probably know already about my spiritual/psychic nature. It’s something that I’ve had to learn to embrace in all of my circles, not just the ones that I think would *approve*. But I’ve been laying out cards and reading for others since 2002 - it’s one of my most innate gifts and something that just comes easy. So as a part of my ease this year (2018’s Word), I’ve decided to share it more with you all.    


That evening at 7:30pm, I’m inviting you to a group online Psychic Guidance Session with Yours Truly. Everyone that joins the session will be able to ask a question and receive a reading. Because of this, I’m keeping the number of participants very small so that everyone feels heard and helped.


Our focus in this session will be drawing upon divine insight on how to use this New Moon energy to set your new year off on the right track in whatever area you are most concerned about. I know that everyone can not afford a 1-on-1 reading or coaching session, so this is a way that everyone can have access to these invaluable services at a price that is easy to say yes to.


The price is $22 and the magick number is 5. With me included that will be 6, a calming and comforting number of good memories that can take us into a bright and more fulfilling future, if you let it.


If you are in need of some guidance for your new year, this is perfectly timed just for you. You can reserve your slot here via PayPal.

Once I receive your payment, I will send you the call details.


I am beyond excited about this! It’s something that has been on my heart for ages. I can’t wait to connect with you!