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  So my thoughts? What I think is a beautiful sign of growth for me is that it is very possible for me to see my own beliefs in the beliefs of a traditional Christian Church, even in an evangelistic one. Though the language that I use and the perspective that I have is different, the basic tenants of love being the driving force of everything we do remains the same. That fact warms my heart every time :-).

  I will say one thing about my adventures over the past two weeks or so with traditional Christianity and how it runs up against my personal beliefs; I don't think traditional Christianity creates a space for anyone else's understanding of God and their own personal relationship. That is annoying at its best and painful at its worst. I lost the closeness of a very important friendship because of our clash in beliefs in fact. Because mine are different, this friend just could not accept me as I am today. That has always been my main issue with traditional Christianity (and organized religion in most cases). Why we must focus so much on what someone else is doing has always been a very interesting question to ponder.

In any case, I'm very glad though that I had the experience of sharing the revival with my sister. I was happy because it made her happy and sometimes just a fact as simple as that makes it worth it. :-).