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This is my love letter to you.

Because I see you.

You, who is running through your life as fast and as efficient as you can. As perfect as you can.

You, who really believes that it’s just one more positive thought, one more self-improvement technique, one more strategy, one more something that will get you there.

You, who secretly thinks it’s your fault. Who thinks there’s no other choice but to strive. There’s no other way but to push. There’s no other option but to make it happen. That anything else is you dropping the ball, not reaching the finish line, sabotaging your own chance at what everyone else seems to have.

Just. Stop.

I see the struggle behind your eyes. I see your facade of strength. I see you screaming out in silence for just a tiny, small break. Just stop.

I know it’s scary. I know you can’t fathom what that even looks like. Sounds like. *IS* like.

I know stopping feels like it could be worse than dying. Feels like you’d be failing in the most pitiful, finite way. A way that proves that all of those hidden fears you try to bury are true.

I know it feels like the hardest thing you could ever do. And it is. Because so much freedom is on the other side. So much of who you really are is on that other side. So much possibility, so much joy, so much of the elusive *happiness*. It’s there on the other side.

And I know that it is hard and scary to consider that there could be any other way. But don’t you also feel that little sliver of light and hope that there *could* possibly be another way?

I have a hard truth for you my dear. I know you are waiting for someone to tell you that you can take your break. I know you are waiting for someone to notice that you need one. To notice that you need a hand to hold. To notice that you are cracking under the pressure.

But no one is coming to do that for you. No one is coming to give you that time.

You, my dear, have to take that time. You my dear have to show up for yourself.

I love you. I see you. I will bear witness to your immense courage to be there for you.

To burn the old tired way that has never truly served you. And I will hold your hand and dance on the ashes with you.  <3

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Dancing on the Ashes