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How do you handle learning things again that aren’t new to you? What’s your process when you could have sworn you’d “done that already”?


I’m reading a new book, You are a BadAss at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I’d shied away from reading it about a year or so ago because I felt like it would be stuff I already know. I mean, I enrolled in a course at the beginning of 2016 whose sole purpose was to help you change your money mindset and stop blocking the moola. I’d enrolled in two other money mindset courses before that. And countless other trainings, books and exercises have helped me to look into my relationship with money and change it for the better. So when this book came around the first time, I was really feeling like “been there, done that - got the t-shirt.”

The booked popped back up again though, right when I felt in need of some new energy around money creation and so I decided to pick it up. I have to admit that I’ve really been enjoying it. Jen’s writing style is a perfect mix of good information and the right type of humor to deliver it with. I feel like it’s written for someone like me, the queen of DIY for instance, predisposed to making thing harder for oneself just because it’s cheaper more so than just enjoying the crafting part of it.  

She introduces concepts that I’m familiar with in fresh ways that actually are giving me nuances of insight. My sticking point is that as I’m reading them, I remember when I first came across them, feeling like I’d found the holy grail. Like “great! This is all that I have to do. I’ll be manifesting the things I want and need in no time. All of the successes that I’m claiming, they are about to show up big time!”

And it wasn’t that at all. Things didn’t show up in my life just because I put them on my vision board. (I’m still waiting on quite a few things on my 3 boards to be honest). It hasn’t been as simple as examining what I want certain amounts of money for and then just watching it roll in. In fact, it’s actually been constant work. I feel like in some crucial ways, I’m still standing in my own way. I feel like there are still some major blocks I’m uncovering about my self-worth and ability to do what feels impossible. (Even though I’ve done “my” impossible many times before.)

And so what it’s leaving me with is thoughts about the layers. I’ve talked about layers before. I’ve mentioned them in regards to my mental health and in regards to my pursuit of my version of success (and even figuring out what that is because it differs very much from what others think my success is supposed to look like.).

What do you do when you realize that there is yet another layer. Is it a “CRAP!” Or is it a gentle “oh what do we have here?”

It may depend on the subject and your mood at the moment like it does for me. I think somehow, we got the wrong message that there is such a thing as fully being done with something. Or fully mastering something. And I think we are really bad in general about noticing, let alone celebrating the baby steps and the little pieces of evidence.

I know for myself, especially with money considerations, I have to continuously remind myself to look for the little bits of evidence and also to be easy and kind to myself. There is no pass/fail. It’s only evaluating and adjusting and then getting back out there in the game.

Maybe you are like me? I’m really good at getting back out there in the game. But what I’ve been traditionally really bad about is giving myself a failing grade. I don’t even think to evaluate, adjust and tweak. I just blanketly look at what I asked for versus what I got and think FAIL if it’s not exactly what I thought I needed it to be.

How often are you doing this? It’s a good question to ask yourself. I think in answering it, you and me, we both will find the shortcut to the easy way.

The annoying truth is that manifesting really is easy. It really is just a law of the Universe that you can’t help but utilize. It really is just about getting better at training your thoughts and emotions on what it is you actually do want. So that evaluating and tweaking part is what gets you past blindly grasping at straws and throwing your hands up in disgust when you feel like you’re floundering. It’s what helps you hone it in and fashion yourself into an expert.

And it brings me back to the book and a new way to see being told about concepts I learned at least 2 years ago if not more. It’s just tweaking. It’s just another layer. It’s just another light bulb. It’s just about sharpening myself into an expert. And so it’s something to be incredibly grateful for instead of slightly annoyed by.

I’m working on it :-). How about you?