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How do you know when you are ready - ready to stand up for yourself and actually claim that you are powerful and worthy?


I think that if you find yourself even contemplating this question, it’s time to do something about it.


But just in case you aren’t really sure, here are 6 traits that I know for sure signify that it’s time to re-evaluate how you are moving in the world.


1.  You find yourself feeling fed up and on edge.

Are you just tired? Do you feel like you can’t take one more thing. Is everything annoying and close to pissing you off? The eggshells thing - has anyone mentioned that they are walking on them around you? This is a clear indication that you need some change.


2.  You begin to feel like not rocking the boat at the expense of hurting yourself just isn’t acceptable anymore.

Some things need to be said. Some things need to change and some things need to end. Compromising to the point of pain is no longer an option.


3. You can suddenly see through all of the bs.

You are just over it. Done. The veiled lies and the rose colored glasses aren’t for you anymore. You aren’t interested in perpetuating the bs any longer.


4. You begin to notice how unhappy people are and wonder how they are really doing and how much they are faking it.

Because you can see the bs so well now, you can also see the pain all around you. You can see people caging themselves into their shoulds, faking happiness and interest. It’s almost sickening as it becomes more and more evident and unignorable. It makes you wonder how you look to the world too. Do you look that sad, stressed and fake?


5. You refuse to fake it anymore.

Whatever it is, that’s what it is. You refuse to act like something is that isn’t. You refuse to pretend that you’re feeling a way that you're not and  you refuse to make nice about things. You want real healing, true change and an actual different way of living. Not just band-aids and fake smiles.


6. You have this sense that there is more to you and more to life than what you can currently see.

That’s your true self calling to you. That feeling right there is probably the most important key. You know that this fakery, run run run, over-extending and over-bending yourself for whoever shows up needing it is not your sole purpose in life. In fact, you are clear on the fact that, at the least, that way has to change. You just can’t keep it up. And you are so very ready for the more. For the thing that makes this life thing a joy instead of a chore.


If these resonate with you, then it’s time. You are ready for the levelup. You are ready to feel so much better and from the core to the outside. The desperation and/or frustration you may be feeling is only temporary. It’s just showing you where things need to change. The most important thing to know is that you are ready to step into and stand firmly in your own power. That is cause for celebration <3.


I invite you to grab my overview of Why Being a Go-Getter is Getting You Nowhere and what to do instead. Just click here to download it. In it, you’ll see even more clearly why it’s time for a new way and get some concrete steps forward to start paving it.