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Well I've had an adventuresome past few days :). My biggest good news is that my makeup line MOVE Makeup is going to be available on Walmart.com! You may have seen my announcement on my Facebook Page and I've shared it all over my various MOVE Makeup social media worlds so I won't go into all of the details here to spare you :). What I do want to talk about today is making sacrifices for the things that are important to you and how I prepared for mine. I will explain. 

I'm about 3 weeks post surgery. The big meeting with Walmart was in Bentonville, AR which is about 3 hours from where I live. I needed to get there the day before the meeting and attend the Open Summit/Buyer Meeting event the next day from 8am until at least 2pm with my buyer meeting at 12:10. The day involved a lot of walking and keeping it together so suffice it to say, I was good and exhausted that evening and next day! But I also wanted to spend time with my family - so I mustered up the energy to do touristy fun things with them while we were in Bentonville too.

So when I got home on Thursday, the crash began and by Friday, I was sick in bed and am pretty much just now coming out of the haze - sort of, lol :).

Some might think that I did too much - that I took too big of a risk.

But for me, there really was no choice. I knew that this buyer meeting with Walmart might be the very key to making the kind of impact that I want to make in the world and I knew that I wanted to be/needed to be at that meeting. I knew that, whatever it took, I had to make that happen. 

But of course, in saying this I wasn't saying to the Universe "I don't mind compromising my health and ability to recover - this potential deal is more important than me". Not at all and so that meant I needed to start talking with the Universe and asking for what I wanted. 

The moment I knew that my surgery and the meeting would overlap so closely, I began visualizing myself healing quickly and completely and feeling energized and refreshed and well by week 2. I only allowed the thought that I would be ready and feeling great to enter my mind when I thought about traveling to Bentonville. I only thought about doing a fantastic presentation and feeling at ease, competent and worry free.

I never let myself think that I might not be up to it. And so the Universe conspired to make that happen.

I truly did feel wonderful the days before the trip. The Universe even kicked in unexpected help and support on the day of the meeting so that I would not be alone. I had a ride to every place I needed to be. I had beautiful support from all around. I truly didn't have a worry at all. The entire trip was a joy. And the best thing wasn't what you might think. The best thing is that I had nothing but time after the trip. That was my compromise with the Universe - that I would rest and truly recoup after the trip. I would make sure that I allowed myself the time to make up for the strenuousness.

And funny thing, the Universe (since it knows me well) made sure that my workaholic habits would not be able to kick in by sending a cold and cramps, lol. (Here's a little secret - that actually might have been me subconsciously throwing in some assurances - what you think is what shows up right?)

So the moral to this story? After a major surgery like the one I had, 2 weeks post surgery one should not be going anywhere, let alone 3 hours away to a major conference.

I did because I got the Universe on my side. 

Your takeaway for today is to ask yourself how you can get the Universe on your side. When you know that something is important to you, but there are tons of unknown variables, how can you converse with the Universe to sway the tide in your favor?

Figure out for yourself what conversations you need to have and start having them as soon as possible.

Good food for thought and fuel for your next big thing ;-). 

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