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Initially, when we think of our reproductive system health, the idea that it might have anything at all to do with our level of fulfillment in life may seem a far fetch. However, stay with me for a bit and I’ll explain the connection.

In the world of energy work, your reproductive system is in the area of your 2nd Chakra. If you aren’t familiar with Chakras, you can think of them as energy centers in your body that have influence over various aspects of your emotions, actions, and life in general. The 2nd Chakra has to do with your creativity, passions, and sexuality – the things that inspire you and give you a zest for life.

So when your 2nd Chakra is balanced, you are generally fully in touch with your creativity and your passions and your ability to do great work is maximized. This intact inspirational energy is vital to living a vibrant and fulfilled life.

When this Chakra is out of balance however, doubts creep in and we begin living a diminished version of ourselves. This can translate into not voicing our opinions, stifling our anger or frustration, and leaving emotions pent up and unexpressed.

Of course, this doesn’t serve anyone, least of all ourselves. When we are living in this diminished state, our contributions to the world are suppressed and watered down. We can find ourselves feeling as though we aren’t cut out for handling the strains and stressors of life positively and as if that weren’t enough, these issues can begin to manifest on a physical level as well. 

This is where the connection to reproductive system health comes into play.

On the physical plane, these issues of stifled creativity and expression show up as ailments like debilitating PMS and cramps, fibroids, endometriosis, and PCOS.

One way to see all of these problems is as ways that your body is showing you how much you are stifling and suppressing yourself. They give you a great opportunity to explore where you need to process old feelings, resolve old hurts, and muster the courage to live more on your own terms.

Think about this – when we experience reproductive health issues, most all of them slow us down and require us to ‘be still and present’. I know for myself, when my period cramps are raging, all I have energy to do is to sit or lie down. I come to an almost meditative state where there is little space for much else other than thinking and allowing.

Within this state, I experience so much peace and clarity. I'm able to see clearly where I'm holding myself back and where I need to actually take a step back. It's one of the many gifts that this time brings.

The next time that you experience this, take it as an opportunity to do some meditative journaling about where you are holding yourself in. Ask yourself how you might be allowing your creativity and expression to be silenced.

Here are a few questions to help you in the process of discovering where the imbalances lie and how to begin righting them.

1.       What creative activity did I love to do as a child? Why haven’t I done it lately? What’s stopping me?

2.       What haven’t I told someone that I’ve wanted to tell someone?

3.       What idea haven’t I acted on because it’s scary and I don’t think I can do it?

Start off with these questions and let them carry you to your answers and then make a promise to yourself to act on them.

Understanding the links your reproductive system has to your ultimate happiness is a great gift. It is connected to so many concerns that are important to us as women - from having clear skin to our sense of well being. Beyond what I've talked about here, there is much more to healing your reproductive system and having it function optimally. An in-depth look at your hormones and how well-balanced they are will tell you a lot. Out of whack hormones can cause all types of ailments and inconveniences including the most common ones stated above, PCOS, fibroids, early menopause, etc. 

If you find yourself dealing with hormonal imbalances (telltale signs are monthly breakouts that don't respond to treatment, hair loss or hair gain, painful periods), I invite you to download my new Ebook Back to Balance: Hormonal Health by entering your email address below! It will teach you simple mental and physical adjustments you can make right now to begin balancing your hormones and experiencing true relief! 

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