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Hello love!

Happy Valentine's Day! It's so interesting the way the Universe and serendipity works. Interesting isn't the right word - it's magical and awe-inspiring. Because I believe in serendipity, serendipity happens around me all of the time. And so the serendipity of my plans to write this message ending me on sending this message on Valentine's Day - how appropriate :-). 

Today I want to tell you about the new offerings I've put together. I've thought about what's been the most needed thing I've been asked to teach (not just the most fun ;-)). What thing is it that people gravitate to me for and ask me about? What wisdom do I have to share that you ask me for time and time again.

I've discovered two and these are what I've decided to lead with this year.

One is Hormonal Health which I call Wise Woman Womb Ways. I've found that so many women are at a loss about how to be in balance with their body after a certain age. It's something I've practiced for years - I know my body really well and I'm tuned in to what it needs and most of the time, I'm good at complying. This is what keeps my skin clear, gives me boundless energy to do so much and choose to do only what I want, and keeps me - as a friend just recently told me -  "the most gorgeous, vivacious, fit, healthy and young spirited 40 year old I know".  Am I blushing?? You know I am :-D. 

And so I've created as a starting point for you, my guide to Wise Woman Hormonal Health. It's free and I made it out of love and real care about helping you set out on the right path if you are floundering looking for direction. Please tap in and download it here.

The second area is self care. Oh self care. Self care is more than a simple word for me. It's what has saved my life. Yes, I know that at first glance, sounds melodramatic. But rest assured, it is the honest truth. Had I not learned to care for myself, prioritize myself, learn myself, and ultimately love myself - I would not be here. I mean that literally. You may know my story of depression and attempted suicide. Believe me when I say that no one else can convince you that life is worth living except yourself. To get out of that space YOU have to decide that it's worth it and that you are worth it. 

And so you see, self care is sacred for me. I believe it is THE KEY to unlocking the rest of the joy in your life. And I believe that self care is more than just a massage or a mantra or an essential oil diffuser. It begins so much deeper than that. It's multi-faceted and spans across all the areas of your life. It's a practice much more than an act  - self care is a lifestyle.

And when I thought about what work I wanted to do this year that would fill me up and simultaneously fill up my clients and customers, empowering them to create self care plans that reached to their essence and restored their very core continued to float to the surface.

And so I listened and in response I created Self Care for Busy Women: 90 Days to Restoring Your Spirit (because part of our problem is that we are so busy right?). It's a 90 Day Program that brings together all that I have learned in the journey of becoming the most important person to me. This program does a lot. In the immediate, it frees you from dragging through every day in zombie mode. But more than that, I designed it help you discover how to feel restored, renewed, and ultimately truly able to handle all that life presents you - with ease, grace, joy, and a knowing that things are always working out in your favor. Because they always are and wouldn't it be nice to just have peace with knowing that's true?

I'll be honest with you. This program is intensive and extensive. It's only for the woman that is ready for a change - a change that might take you through some unpleasant moments and make you look at some uncomfortable things. With love, I'm telling you that it's not for you yet if you find yourself creating excuses for your life. It's not quite yet for you if everything is always everyone else's fault. It's not for you if you are just looking for someone to commiserate with and agree on how bad it all is.

But if you know that your spirit needs restoring and you are ready to do the work - some of it hard, some of it fun and joy-filled, all of it necessary - then I would love to talk to you because I believe that Self Care for Busy Women might be what you are seeking. I want to talk with you and see if the program I've created is your next step of renewal on your path. 

I invite you to schedule a Rebalance Session with me where we'll take a look at some of the reasons that you feel like your wheels are spinning, create some solutions that you can immediately put into play and then assess if Self Care for Busy Women is a good match for you. Click here for my calendar - let's talk soon!