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Just recently I was asked to be a guest on my mentor’s podcast. The topic was what I do and why I do it. That should have been easy right?

I felt some anxiety though.

Was there a way to talk about all the components of what I do in a way that the listeners could easily see the beautiful synergy? Was there a way to make my philosophy, mission, and offerings succinct and complete and understandable? Maybe even inspiring?

As I began talking though, the fear around that worry completely dissipated.

I know that all the components of what I do equal total transformation and I understood even more clearly how to explain how I’ve come to my conclusions. The guidance I give is a true and doable path to thriving in life (not just getting by).


We mostly talked about beauty rituals and why they are an ultimate form of self care.

There were so many gems in that conversation and truly it’s too much to write about in one post; so be on the lookout for future posts where I expound and wax philosophical about the things our conversation brought up.

However, let’s start today here at the beginning and explore the emotional charge that comes up when you say or hear “beauty rituals are an ultimate form of self care”. Did you feel the charge? I know I still feel it.

Where does your mind automatically go?

My mind defaults to judgement. If you do too let’s look deeper into that judgement and define it even further. Is there a sense of frivolousness, shallowness, baseness, simple-mindedness (and not in a good way) when you think about engaging in beauty rituals with this intent? Does it feel like you’re cheating yourself out of some possible evolution/enlightenment - taking the easy way out or dumbing it down for yourself?

Maybe you are the one that is on the other side of this - feeling like you dare not indulge yourself that way. You find yourself feeling like it would supremely selfish to take the time to care for yourself, especially through pampering and activities solely created to enhance your beauty and make you feel good..

And of course, there are those of us that are somewhere in between.

There’s so much resistance around this right? Which means there’s so much room for growth. There’s so much room to find your sweet spot. There’s such a potential to make a big statement to yourself and thereby to the universe that you matter enough to be a priority.

How awesome would that be?

Let’s actually look at that. How awesome would it be to proclaim you are a priority. Not to ask *if* you are a priority. But to proclaim it and bask in it and live in it as a quiet, powerful, steadying truth?

How would that affect your life?

How would that change what you allowed yourself to accept from people. How would that change how you interacted with everyone from your coworker to the delivery guy? How strongly would that put you in a place of no longer reacting on auto-pilot, being swayed by random, unchecked emotions and energetic whims from others.

Wow, that sounds like a life on purpose right? That sounds like a life where you could actually have some say-so in the joy you feel and -wait for it- even in the experiences that you get to have.

The beginning of a life like that CAN start simply - and it can start simply with a few beauty rituals that you partake in with intent. You can move the needle and start churning the wheels in your favor with just a few tiny but meaningful shifts. It really can be easy. It doesn’t have to be an ordeal and you don’t have to feel like you must change drastically in an instant in order for your change to be valid.

What it’s really about is taking one small, meaningful action and then another and another until those become commonplace. All of a sudden, you’ll be living a life infused with all the things that you want instead of most of what you don’t want.

If you’d like help figuring out what your first small meaningful action should be, I’m your woman. Let’s hop on the phone for a complimentary “Get on Track” session and I’ll help you choose a self care beauty ritual guaranteed to jumpstart your transformation. Click here to see my schedule and choose a time that's best for you.