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So today I had a health assessment and let's just say that it was a little bit overwhelming. Finding out truths about yourself that you were secretly afraid were true but were trying not to admit is a little unbecoming to say the least. 

So this dance instructing salsera-for-life does NOT have the stamina of someone that teaches dance for a living (or used to because the transition is happening). And that was really hard to see, hear, admit. And my mind wanted to go into a spiral about what wasn't possible and how hard it would be to change and how I'd just been getting bigger instead of smaller all these years despite my constant worry and "attempts" to tone and lose weight.

And my mind even wanted to tell me a story about why my trainer couldn't find the BMI reading machine. "It's because things don't work out for you Leah. See that's something you've been wanting to know forever and so yes of course, you'd have to wait to get that information. That's how your life is Leah. You don't get what you want." Blah Blah Blah right?

These days I do NOT let that voice when. I can't always tell her to shut up and I can't always tune her all the way out. But what I *can* do now is turn UP the volume on my self love and specifically my self love *in action*. 

So instead of letting that sad, scared little whiny chick win out, I decided to LOVE her instead.

Today's exercise in loving her was simple. I snapped this selfie in the gym ladies room and SMILED to remind myself that I am fly, fabulous, all that - simply dope. Just as I am. Right now today. And that I AM a master manifestor and that I DO get the things I want. I want to lose 20 pounds, get my dancing stamina back up, and get this fly body ready to have a baby one day (soon maybe universe?). 

It's as simple as that.

Watch me work it :-D!