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Leah Patterson

Hey siStar!

How has your week been? Mine has been filled with the ups and downs of life. I've had some very low points and thankfully some ecstatically high points and my week is ending settled somewhere nicely in between. Lots of gratitude for that :-).

I have a busy weekend ahead of myself also with judging and teaching in Memphis. I'm judging a bachata contest tonight and tomorrow I'm teaching a ladies styling workshop. And the most unique thing happening is that after my workshop, I'm going to have a little informal talk with the attendees about how dance can be a powerful form of self-empowerment for women. I always imply this and if you've been with me for a while, you probably already know that I feel this way. However I've never combined both my dance world and my personal development world in the same offering. 

It's what I've been wanting to do though. So when the universe dropped this opportunity for a workshop in my lap in a place where people already know me well, I knew I had to take the chance to move the vision forward just a bit. 

So I'm curiously hopeful and expecting of a really gratifying experience and I will of course report back about how it all goes. (And if you are wondering will I mention MOVE, of course I will! Sweatproof, natural makeup is absolutely empowering, especially for dancers.). 

Before I say adieu this week, I want to leave you with my latest livestream on my personal Facebook page. Yesterday eve I talked all about the new direction that I'm boldly headed in with my coaching work. It's what I've always been doing but just hadn't realized. Watch it here and let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear what you think about it!